Are longer sits popular or hard to find sitters for?

Hi all, I’m new to this conversation thread but heartened to see that there may be folks happy to spend 5 weeks on a sit in Vermont in December/January! My question is this: for a sit of this length and especially one like mine that will be over the holidays, what’s the best timing for posting? Do sitters like to plan a long sit or plan for the holidays further in advance? I had so much trouble finding someone for my last sit (3 weeks), I want to time my post right. Sitters, please let me know your thoughts!

Now! :relaxed:
Some like to book holiday sits well in advance and Vermont I feel will be very attractive for many sitters.
Last year there were many looking for holiday sitters last minute and found it challenging.
Personally I am booked so get it set up and ask if you have any other questions.
Best wishes @Bellabliss

You have a very attractive listing and I would post your Christmas sit sooner than later. Like @Amparo, we are booked for Christmas and NY, and have been booked since early February. Full disclosure, I am an obsessive planner :grin:

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So do you think we (the HOs) should post NOW for our 6 week sitting opportunities in October-November 2022 and in January-February 2023?

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I would advertise your sits sooner rather than later. I’ve already been looking at sits for mid 2023. If someone is applying from overseas they have make travel plans, book international flights and possibly even try to link up several sits back to back. It helps to have as much planning time as possible.


Your sit looks lovely - Do you know the exact dates?

Hello Colin, we direct messaged you. Thank you!

HI Colin,
I’m not sure which post you were asking about. I just made mine live for November 30-Dec 31 in Burlington, VT. Lmk if you’re tempted!

Thanks for all the good advice, everyone. I’m on it, listing posted for December! Fingers crossed for another great fit for Bella and for our sitter.

Best wishes for your sit, Bellabliss!

Thanks, We are not sure yet where we want to be but I will take a look