Asked to sign detailed House sitting agreement?

I have an upcoming 2 month sit and just received an 8 page "Housesitters agreement/contract that im suppose to read ans be prepared to sign in person when I arrive for this sit. Unlike most sits, instead of meeting them on zoom, , I waa able to meet this couple and their petsl in person back in Feb. ( this is a june to july sit). I was there about an hour and hung out with all their animals while we asked each had questions . I received the invitation to this sit and hour later. We’ve talked once a month since and had a great connection.
Today I received a message and email with a "housesitters agreement attached… I have 8 days before driving 20 hours to arrive for this sit.
This agreement has a few random things that I feel uncomfortable about…

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I can not see the example, can you add it on?

Can’t see the example on your post @Betsysmom but we were presented with the same thing in Sri Lanka (on arrival from Turkey!!) Our approach was to edit it, add a whole load of caveats for the sitters benefit and give it back to them. Strangely enough it disappeared :rofl: We don’t like them as where is the trust element in that arrangement? Are they new HOs? Push back on it if you’re not comfortable. #mutualexchangerules


Where’s the trust? Very cheeky of them in my opinion.


I’d say, best wishes on finding another sitter.


THS did used to have an agreement for owners and sitters to sign. Only ever saw one once .
It could still be hidden on the website somewhere…


So they sent the agreement/contract for you to sign 8 days before the sit, even though the sit was arranged 4 months ago? How cheeky of them. I wouldn’t trust such a host.


part 2 as i accidently hit "subnit’ before I finished this question…

An example of what is included on this agreement is if the housesitter is responsible for the presence of an infectious disease or an infestation of rats, cockroaches, fleas or other pests then the housesitter should inform the homeowner or contact and bear the cost of fumigation or eradication. Another example is where the infectious disease or pests is not due to the actions of the housesitter then the housesitter should consult as soon as possible with the homeowner or contact as to their elimination.

There are 8 pages on this document and at the end of this and regarding the premises it mentions that it is advisable for the housesitter/s to insure their own possessions and insure against their liability for public risk and is advisable for the homeowner/s to take out a comprehensive policy of insurance covering their interest in their liability for public risk.

Are these types of contracts required often , ? And are these normal things to be required to agree to?

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Smart. But did it somehow influence their relationship with you (and consequently their review) and yours with them?

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No, this isn’t normal. I’m on my 15th sit and have never been asked to sign anything.

I’d say, best wishes on finding another sitter.


@Betsysmom you’ve posted this on the wrong thread

Tell them to find another sitter. #utterlyunreasonable


Just refuse to sign it if it was never a part of the original sit conditions. What is the owner going to do 8 days out from the sit? Tell you not to come? I don’t think so. You have the power here as they will struggle to get another sitter so close to the sif starting.

I do like @Cuttlefish’s solution to push back with your own terms and it will probably disappear.

But, consider this as a heads up about what kind of owner you will be dealing with, one who is not trusting. Take pbotos and videos of everything when you arrive, with particular focus on things that are mentioned in their agreement. This sounds like it’s going to be a problematic sit.

Plese do let us know how you go.


Oh my goodness. Where is that sit? Does your host realize we live in the 21st century?


Luckily it was on another platform @RadarInc where reviews never happened. Let’s just say it was an enlightening learning experience. They were used to having staff & were new to using house sitters. We said we’d quit twice unless they changed their attitude and they did. It was also a 3 month gig. They don’t give sitters contracts to sign anymore that’s for sure (& now have great THS reviews as they changed platform) :rofl: #everydaysaschoolday


Absolutely not, I’d be moving on. Do you have somewhere else to stay for those two months?


If you have an alternative accommodation option for the two months I would avoid this sit. It just sounds as though it would be setting off on the wrong footing. THS already has terms and conditions in place which you’ve agreed to abide by - if these are not enough to give the home-owners sufficient peace of mind then they should be sourcing a house-sitter from elsewhere.


Communications with this pet parent are clearly not transparent, since this has been sprung on you at the last minute, when your options are more limited. If it wasnt mentioned in the original listing or during talks before confirming the sit, its a change to the agreement and you’d be justified in cancelling (which we most definitely would do!).


I’ve just received one of these, no idea why, THS sent it, not the HO! Is this one of the dreaded “new rules” that we all love so much :joy:

@Betsysmom tell them your attorney reviewed the contract and advised you not to move forward with the sit and see how they respond.