Does anyone use THS agreement document?

THS website provides a sample Agreement document template that both parties can use. Is there anyone using this doc? I’m recently learning most stays are only verbally agreed to but I’ve used this agreement doc since joining.

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Hi Robb, have to admit I’ve never seen this document or even knew it existed! :flushed:

As a sitter, my priority is to assure that the sit is a good fit for all concerned. For me, that means extensive reading of not just the listing, but also any reviews by past sitters, and the comments and reviews of the homeowner concerning those sitters. I also assess as to whether I am a good fit for the homeowner’s and pet’s needs. Add to that my email interaction with the homeowners, and their handling of all other applicants. Building upon that is the video chat, where we often cover far more than just the sit, and get into side personal chats that just give more (or less) reassurance as to whether there is a good fit.

You’ll often read on this forum about ‘red flags’, and I think that heeding those, and listening to your/my gut, for me are far more important that any written agreement. If a homeowner requested that I sign an agreement, I would likely use that request as an opener to try to determine their concerns, and address them. I think solid communication is a more preferable approach than a written agreement when it comes to the likelihood of a good fit. Keep in mind that the overwhelming vast majority of sits are a wonderful win-win agreement, without contracts ever being signed.


I didn’t even know a template form like this existed. Where do I find it? I searched up and down and it doesn’t seem to be there on the HO’s dashboard.

I can see it as a sitter on my dashboard. It is on the bottom left hand side of the page, marked Documents

Hi @Robb in 11 years and numerous sits I have only had one owner use it, new to TrustedHousesitters we were the pet’s first sitters that was nine years ago, I’ve since sat for the owners 10 times.

The rational was dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s …

And as an update to this … the document was not legally binding and rarely used.

@Itchyfeet I don’t have a “document” section on my sitter dashboard. Maybe it’s another difference between levels of membership or the length of time someone has been a member of THS.

When I’m in my dashboard, it’s a section on the left, when I scroll down. I realize it will be placed differently on various devices, so I’ve attached a screen print. Hopefully that will be helpful to you.

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Just a further update… @Snowbird @Mary-Kay @Itchyfeet @Düsenzofe @Robb As Angela mentioned, the agreement is very rarely used or accessed even, and it doesn’t appear currently on the newer dashboards. Older members can see it on their dashboard but new or upgraded members can’t. We’ll get more information on this tomorrow from the team and let you know more. All the best, Vanessa


Thanks, @Snowbird! As Vanessa just explained, I don’t see the same thing as you because I’m a relatively new member. Thanks again for your help!

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@Vanessa-Admin appreciate you looking into making these THS house sitting forms available and more visible to everyone. If THS has future plans to remove these types of forms I would go back to using pet boarding services. I personally find using a signed document between both parties just as important as establishing trust and a good relationship with a sitter. I respect that others may choose only to use verbal discussions in their stays. Everyone needs to do what makes them comfortable.


It’s interesting to hear your perspective and I’m sure the team will find your feedback valuable.
We’ve done over 120 sits now and funnily enough our very first sit wanted to use an agreement but we’ve never been asked since. We do have our own email template we use to agree the important points of a sit and what we’ve talked about verbally, and we’ve always said if anyone wanted an agreement (not a contract) then we would look at it, but we’ve not had to.

For us, like @Snowbird, we’ve preferred to build trust relationships based on open and honest communication which can be tailored each time to the specific sit - we just don’t term it an “agreement” which can take many different forms…

Everyone needs to do what makes them comfortable.

I also totally appreciate what you say, that everyone has to find their own level of comfort. I do know other sitters who have created their own agreements too. Have a good evening!!


Unfortunately not everyone is as honest or trustworthy as we assume. There have been experiences including our own, when sitters cancel because they found a nicer home, or owners cancel leaving the sitters to scramble to find a place to stay, or as I’ve read a sitter pretends to agree to the owners directions but does as they please, after all “pets can’t talk”. We’re not all like this, I’ve stayed with family to accommodate longer stays for sitters to help in their travels because I know it can’t be easy. There will always be a few bad apples in the bunch. In my experience using your house sitting agreement has brought better more trusted stays. Would be great to see this signature form more visible to simply be an option for members to use should they choose. Thanks for looking into this.

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When I click on Dashboard, and scroll down to the bottom, there Guidelines and Form links.

I’ve just read through it. It must have been a very picky house sitter who took that as an insult. I’ve never signed one, the agreement has always been verbal but I would sign that agreement if the HO wanted me to.

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I have found it on my sitters dashboard

I think a kind of written agreement is a good thing for both sides. This doesn’t have anything to do with trust.

Compare it to a marriage agreement. Where’s the problem to sign it if both sides agree to it? And here I am not talking about the rich old guy marrying a poor young girl and wanting to keep everything in case of a divorce, but but two people deciding beforehand who gets to keep what to avoid quarrels later.

I don’t know if I would use the one from THS, because I can’t access it as a new member, but I would like to see it.

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@Provence here’s what Vanessa wrote the other day:

Hi all,

Thanks for all of the comments on this subject.

This is an old feature that is very rarely used. We will remove this for all at some point in the near future. Apologies that we don’t have an exact date when it will be removed. And of course, apologies if this is something that anyone does currently use.

I’m aware that having this available for only some members is not at all helpful so we will do our best to get to this piece of work as soon as we can.

Thank you


We have only once signed an agreement / contract (but the homeowner cancelled just before the start of the sit). The agreement was actually from a different website and 20 pages long, which we felt was a bit much for a 3-4 day sit.