Is there an owner/sitter house sitting contract?

I am new to THS and wondered if there was a contract to sign between owner and sitter
Thanks Colin

Hello @DylanFrazer welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. There is no sitter/owner contract. All members agree to a Code of Conduct and to the TrustedHousesitters T&C’s when they join.

We advise reviewing all applicants messages and profiles and then once you have sitters who you feel could be the right fit for Dylan, Frazer and your home you begin the selection process with two way communications via messages and we strongly recommend having a video chat, where you each ask all of your questions, where you make clear your pet’s needs and your expectations, this is the opportunity for sitters to ask their questions also.

From this process and once everyone involved is 100% happy with the arrangement you mutually confirm the sit via your dashboard and then share the Welcome Guide which should contains all of the information a sitter needs to care for your pets and home, including veterinary information and emergency contact details.

I’m sure you will receive great feedback, advice and support from our members here on the forum and there are many excellent informational articles on the website blog and this help section

If you need any additional help or information please don’t hesitate to ask.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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Thank you Angela


We recently applied for a sit. The owners liked our reviews but still asked us to sign a contract. We declined as we are fully vetted by THS and feel this system is sufficient.

What did the contract look like? Was it their own wording or just the stuff cut and pasted straight from THS? Kind of strange.

The “contract” was obviously not prepared by an attorney and looked like the owner thought they did a good job. It was fairly standard from the standpoint of responsibility and not out of reason. I simply did not want to go into legalities. I had studied some law and was involved in many contracts. Just enough to know not to think I am smart enough to make my own contract. I was thinking of proposing it be reviewed by an attorney - and propose they pay for it which I doubt they would do - but decided that was a bit much. I simply declined the sit stating I thought the THS vetting, with 5-star reviews, was sufficient.

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