THS forms for sitter & HO's

We are going to be first time sitters in Feb and have a first sitter staying in our home in March.
So far, all I know through my “dashboard” is to request and send a welcome guide.
From the forum, there seems to be a THS agreement form and a HO check list that is subsequently sent at some point after confirmations.

Am I missing where these forms are located in my dashboard?
Can they be sent together at once upon confirmations?

Is this a better feedback/help topic for TPTB?


I wondered the same thing. We’ve completed 3 sits in the past month and never saw anything other than the welcome guide. Are we missing something?

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Hello @HelloOutThere and congratulations for your forthcoming sit and first time inviting a sitter in to your home… @Harris2 and @HelloOutThere the THS agreement document is very rarely used and is not legally binding. It is far better to have great communication from the onset, understanding requirements and issues, having a video call/relevant discussions and making sure it is a good fit for all concerned.
Please also see the attached link to another Forum discussion on this.

A HO checklist email will usually be sent prior to the sit commencing so as to check that everything is prepared ready for your sitter/s. It’s more of a helpful reminder/checklist.
Please also see the attached Forum discussion with regards to a sitter helping the owner prepare for a sit.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask :blush:

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VERY helpful - tx u! bookmarked!

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I’ve completed 50 sits thus far with THS and sometimes receive the Welcome Guide but have never been presented with an agreement/contract. I would be happy to receive the latter but think that would be more appropriate if I was being paid for a sit which I never will as don’t want to accept payment for something that works perfectly well as an exchange.


Hi @Smiley the Agreement was added in the early days of TrustedHousesitters and was only a guide for the two parties to use. It laid out the responsibilities and or expectations, of everyone involved and was not legally binding.

I only ever experienced one pet parent/owner wishing to use and it was helpful in clarifying the sit. I hope that helps.