Assistance needed: how best to get my substantial baggage, dog + I from Essex to Milford on Sea

I truly have no idea what to do at this stage in my UK-newness.
If I search it gives a trip with a lot of changes, and a fair bit of walking, and
I am not happy to have a lot of changes or any walking with 7 bags and my girl dog.

It may be un-help-able,
but if a anyone has a better suggestion, I am all ears and grateful for your experienced suggestions.
(I am happy to take a train or bus
or rent a car, at this point,
or may get a train to a place where I may buy a car.
So many options.)
Claire + Lady Tarkina Snowfire, my dear dog.

Maybe post on local FB pages either in your bit of Essex or MOS to see if you’re lucky and someone is travelling when you are or has another ingenious idea. No 2… Find a car share site and see if that bears fruit. No. 3 How about a rental car relocation from Essex to somewhere like Southampton and then an Uber or train to Lymington and an Uber? No 4. One way relocation rental return. No.5 this is left field. Post on manwithavan and see what proposals you get to do a delivery of you and Tarkina and your bagage? That all I can think of right now. The good news is the Milford on Sea is beautiful when you all make it there! Bon voyage C&T :raised_hands:t3:


Send your bags ahead via Get a quote to ship your luggage from Send My Bag™

Just doing a quick quote from my corner of Essex to Milford, it’s 22 GBP per bag (up to 30 kilos). Then you’re able to be a little more flexible in your travel options via train, bus etc. when you’re only with your girl dog and maybe one bag with delicate things that you don’t want to ship, like a laptop.

I’ve used this company to move internationally from Poland to the UK. You can ship either suitcases or well packed cardboard boxes with them (no soft bags, they will stack them in their truck). You need to have access to a printer to print out their shipping labels.

Then you arrange your pick up, you can choose the date. You need to have the boxes next to the door at ground floor level. (The delivery person will not climb steps.) Then they will deliver them to you at the receiving end. So it may require a little coordination to either be somewhere with your suitcases or to have a safe front door to leave them next to if you are going to hurry down to be at the receiving point.

I shipped both suitcases and cardboard boxes with them. If you are going the cardboard box route, either search nearby shops for sturdy boxes or buy them at a package supply shop. I also ‘double boxed’ mine, so I put a box inside of a box since it was a long trip and in case they ended up on the bottom of the stack in the truck. They arrived just fine.


Enterprise do one way van hire for around £100 per day

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Thank you for adding info to my blank brain. Excellent ideas. I will give them a go…and my cousins live in Milford on Sea, so I am excited to see them, before my next Sit - to the West in mid-June.

This is fun. I know I will find a way!
I am finding cars I may buy.

It is nice to be able to ask, and get new ideas to work with.
Much appreciated, Claire


You can also get quotes for moving your luggage by courier using the website below


O, that is genius, thank you!!!


That is a great suggestion! Thank you!!! This is so helpful. I love all the details; wonderful! Glad it worked for your boxes well.

Let us know how you get on :blush:

I live my best life best by paying close attention to my nervous system;
when I read about packing boxes, finding safety for said boxes in a new land,
or ask for quotes for shipping and so many companies reply with their
cut + paste/we-did-not-read-your-request-emails,
or look at the train icons, or bus icons all lined up like a string of pearls with transfers between each of them, even 2 changes is just daunting to me now.

And, then, I think about the ease of a car I drive myself,
even if I am still learning to stay in my own lane on a new side of the road,
my intuition is telling me we are buying our new car sooner than later.
I have 4 small bags, rolling, shoulder, back and waist pack bags; + Tarkina has 3!

I am not a juggler.
I am ready for there to be more ease in our travels, and we have remote-ish Sit locations, so even though cars are being provided, I may in fact buy a car.

More of our successes, when it unfolds in Divine timing.
I have made a number of inquiries for:
used Subaru Outback SE Premium, 2.0, Automatic, Lapis Blue, low mileage cars,
because they are long enough to sleep in comfortably,
as we did across the USA twice in 9 weeks:
Our MegaMat; 3.9-inch, self-inflating, comfy! bed is key, and our 4 sheepskins.
I will have my MegaMat shipped to me soon as I buy a car.
I brought all the sheepskins with us.
All your thoughtful replies have allowed me to learn a lot, and understand I do have options, and to feel into what is best for us in these new times of so much transition. Thank you all so much.
We may need to go with what will serve my nervous system being calm, and supported by a Subaru Outback!
Thanks for helping us get here, to clarity; it is just lovely.