Great advice needed!

Hello everybody.

We are a Danish family who is in a pickle!

Our campervan broke down in Spain and we left it there, because we don’t have the money to get it fixed.

Currently we’re on a housesit in France (near Carcassonne) and it ends this Tuesday.

We need to get to Denmark and we have bend our minds and prayed for a miracle, but we still don’t have a great solution.

We need some ‘fresh eyes’ to look at our situation.

How do we get two adults, two kids (one is special needs) , a cat, 4 moving boxes, 4 big sacks of clothes, our back packs and a massage table to Denmark???

We have less than 800 euros/dollars left.

If anyone has a solution we haven’t thought about, please share.

Hello, @TravelingOutsideTheBox I am sorry to read of your current predicament and hope you get some feedback and ideas here.

Currently, no ideas pop into my head, but I do want to wish you and your family all the best in finding a solution and hope that something amazing happens for you soon.

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@TravelingOutsideTheBox maybe you can do a one way rental car relocation from where you are to where you need to be. They cost next to nothing. Have a look at or a similar company.


@TravelingOutsideTheBox So sorry about your predicament, it’s such a tough situation. You might have to compromise- here is my idea, not sure it’s great, but I’ll share anyway:

I notice there are Eurowings flights from Nice to Copenhagen for roughly €135 pp. Nice is 5 hours from Carcassone, could you take a bus/train? Also check Flixbus. Regional trains are cheaper than express trains, it just takes longer. Heck, maybe you can paddle together a few Flixbus journeys.

Could the humans (and maybe the cat) take those flights? You obviously can’t take a lot of luggage, so just the essentials.

Another idea: When I lived in Germany, there was a website for rideshares: you get a lift with another driver… can’t remember the website’s name.

I guess the luggage makes it hard so this may be the compromise. And one way car rental across European countries- I doubt they’ll allow it.

Also, check (I know it’s German) but they have great international train travel tickets. Maybe the French version has it too and you can train it all the way from France to Denmark, I guess through Germany. You’ll need time to piece the journey together.

Good luck!


I’m back! I had a look at Ryanair too. There seems to be 2 options:

Carcassone to Billund (via Stansted)
Toulouse to Copenhagen (via Stansted)

Could your host drive you to Toulouse airport at all, it’s 1.25 hours from Carcassone? I believe if you fly midweek, you can actually get tickets within your budget.

Again, the luggage might be an issue - I wanted to suggest leaving the sacks of clothes in your campervan, but I realise the camper is in Spain. Perhaps start fresh - donate most clothes and only keep essentials, so that you can whittle it down to one piece of luggage (albeit a box) each. I’m not sure if they take cats though, I haven’t looked.

There is also something called the INTERRAIL pass - only for Europeans - which allows you train travel across Europe for a certain number of days. Have a look at their costs, you might come in under your budget and can take all your luggage, if you can manage it!


@TravelingOutsideTheBox I’m sorry your in the predicament you’re in and hope you get it resolved soon!


If you can wait until Thursday to fly, there is a Lufthansa flight TLS - FRA - CPH for 136.74 Euro per person, one way.

I would suggest getting rid of the moving boxes, yoga table and most of the clothes and only taking what fits into your carry-on bags. You get one free carry-on item per person. Checked luggage costs extra.

Since there was a transportation strike in Germany today, I would book your flights as quickly as you can. Seats transiting Germany for the rest of week are going fast, as there will be roll-overs from today’s cancelled flights.

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Hi @TravelingOutsideTheBox - I am hoping you managed to find a solution to your tricky situation - did you all manage to get home safely?



Nope. We’re still here :raising_hand_woman:

Our hosts have invited us to stay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi everyone!

We made it to Denmark a month ago!

Another Danish family who’s full time traveling lend us their car, while we rented one for them, that they could use.

And we could fit all of our stuff and cat in it!!

We drove 2000km to Denmark in 3 days, then my husband drove it back to south of France in 2 days! And then he flew back from Carcassonne.

Thank you for all your help!

AND if you read this and is a Danish homeowner, we’re interested in housesitting, because we’re still homeless :see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:

Man, this Life is funny :sweat_smile:



Warms our hearts to read this @TravelingOutsideTheBox! Good on you for being brave, adventurous and not giving up. Bring on some of those Danish Housesits :raised_hands:t3::two_hearts: