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Hello! I am new to Trusted House Sitters and I am seeking a sitter for my three dogs while I will be away in 3 weeks. Yesterday, my post went live with not one response. What is the best way to attract interested sitters? Thank you.

Please post your listing in your profile so that we can respondwith feedback.


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Hi @Racquelsj and a very warm welcome to the Forum. As @anon42826925 suggested, if you wish to link your THS profile you can follow the instructions to do so here

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Hello @anon42826925! Thank you for your response! I believe my profile had been updated with my listing.:blush: please let me know what you recommend. Happy Holidays! Thanks again.

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@Racquelsj , you haven’t added your listing to your forum profile so we can’t see it to offer suggestions. Follow the link @Samox24 posted above. Or here it is again:
How to add your listing to your forum profile

Do this and not only will you be able to receive feedback, forum readers will see it and some may be interested in applying.

“sticking to daily routine as closely as possible”

But there are no details about the routine. Sitters want to know about walks, for how long the dogs can be alone, etc.

When such information is missing, very few people will enquire. And it sounds a bit… well I cannot think of the word right now… demanding maybe, difficult for a sitter to get it right.


Hello and thank you for your assistance @Samox24. :blush: I believe my profile had been updated with your helpful assistance. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again.

The sitters sleep on a futon or air mattress?
Is a futon a bed?

I recommend adding more details about the dogs’ routine. How many walks a day? How long is each walk? Add any details about their routine that sitters would need to know to make an informed decision about whether to apply. Also, it’s important to let sitters know how long the dogs can be left alone so they can determine how much time they will have for sightseeing or other things they plan to do.

You mention that the sitters will sleep on a futon or air mattress. Most sitters prefer and actual bed. I would also add photos of the bedroom and bathroom that the sitters will use.


Give it a bit more times :blush:

Hello @pietkuip! Happy Holidays! This is a helpful tip and will update my post. Really appreciate your feed back. Thank you so much!

Hi @Racquelsj and you are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I have just had a peruse of your profile and I agree with @systaran who mentions adding photos of the bedroom and bathroom that the sitter/s will be using. I would also agree that most sitters prefer an actual bed but it would be helpful for any potential sitter/s to be able to see the futon/air mattress that they will be sleeping on.

I couldn’t resist adding this photo of your adorable pups :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My fingers are crossed for you :crossed_fingers:t2::blush:


Hi @Racquelsj. Would it be possible to have the sitter use one of the bedrooms? Most will probably prefer to sleep in an actual bed.

I’d add some more detail about the dogs routine. Where they walk, where they go for potty breaks.

I’d also recommend some deeper description about the neighborhood. You’ve added some good language about local attractions. But Anacostia is still a pretty gritty neighborhood in places and if your sitter is from BF, Idaho, they may be a little uncomfortable navigating SE DC. So perhaps some deeper description about what streets or parks you take the dogs to, anywhere you don’t walk them after dark, any safety or security habits (house alarm, parking the car in the drive, doors locked, etc). I’d describe Anacostia as gentrifying and as a solo female I’d exercise some caution when coming and going.

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@Racquelsj first of all, I have to say i wish i could afford to travel to America. I’m in the UK where pitties are banned. I love pitties and have wanted to care for them forever. They are gorgeous :heart_eyes: . I’ll take a look at your profile and see what you could change to enhance​:blush:
A picture of the sitters bedroom would be good, personally i would want a proper bed to sleep in. Good to know how often the dogs are walked and how long they can be left.

All good suggestions @Racquelsj . I think you should break your text into paragraphs. The continual block of text under Home and Responsibilities is a bit overwhelming. And leave a space between each paragraph.

Beautiful dogs😁

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Hi @anon42826925! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post and offer feedback. I am planning to update my post today… you are right about how Anacostia is viewed, however, it’s a beautiful place to live. Enjoy your weekend! Thanks :blush:

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Hi @MarieHuggins! Really appreciate your response! Hope you are enjoying your day.:blush:

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Hi @anon42826925! Thanks for your responses. Makes sense… I will be updating my post today. Thanks again.:blush:

I’m a city girl and I’d be perfectly comfortable there. I wouldn’t have been twenty years ago. Having some specific details like the areas you walk the pups, the parks you go to, any areas to avoid, how many connections from your metro stop to the mall/museums, how long the pups can be left alone etc would be helpful.

I used to live up there, Bethesda, Arlington, Alexandria. The most underrated city in the US as far as I’m concerned. So much to do and so much of it free.

Beautiful pups.