What do sitters want to see in your listing?

Helpful content based on feedback and learnings from you, our Forum Community …

Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent with multiple sits under your belt or you’re new to the community and are looking for your first sitter, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to your listing. And who better to tell us what makes a good listing great than our sitters themselves?


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity this is a very informative and interesting topic that I also feel can help members create the best listing.

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I would say that the bedroom, kitchen, and sitting room photos are ALMOST more important than pet photos. Most sitters have a soft spot for ALL pets but are worried about ending up on a blowup bed in the hallway :joy_cat:


If you have dogs, the more detail the better about their routines and behavior. My biggest consideration when deciding on a sit is what my day to day routine will look like, and with dogs, there are lots of things that are important to know to help determine that

Some specific things I like to see upfront…

  1. How long the animal can be left alone for

2.What time do they need to be fed and/or walked

  1. How many walks a day and how long they should be. Do you need to drive them to where they need to be walked? Also, if there are any issues that make walking them challenging–leash aggression,etc…

  2. Any behavioral issues–separation anxiety not getting along with other animals in the home, excessive barking, habits that may disrupt your sleep, going to the bathroom in the house, etc…

  3. Any health issues

  4. Where they sleep


This is such a great blog post! It is fantastic information for owners but also a great reminder for me as a sitter of what to look out for on listings and what to ask about if it is not there.

Thank you to our awesome forum members for the input into this, sharing your daily experiences really helps our community. I personally learn so much here that helps with my own sitter’s journey. :smiling_face:


I am more interested in photos of the pets in the home setting than the house itself. I’m chuckling because I recently applied for a sit based on the pet’s photo and then realized I’d never looked at photos of the home! (It was lovely once I looked). I’m fairly new to TH but I have yet to see pics of a home that made me say “no way could I sleep there”. However, I’ve seen pets I thought I could not handle due to size/activity so I want to see that up front before digging deeper into house amenities. To me it’s all about the pets. If a home looks like an absolute dream home but I don’t think the pets are a good match for me…I won’t apply.

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