Australian Daylight Saving Time

We are a big country but wow, daylight saving time really plays havoc with us sometimes! Beginning tomorrow. Definitely makes the race for sits harder but that’s life :person_shrugging:


Uggh, interstate until 10 October and need to deal with daylight saving time zone changes. We have more than enough daylight north of the border. There’s a reason we Queenslanders don’t do daylight saving! It fades the curtains and the cows get confused… :rofl:

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@Crookie hahahaha you’ve got it! We don’t need it hey, already hot enough without having to replace curtains and worry about the cows :joy::joy:

That’s true lol

If you North Tasmazias as in Aussies on the big Island, have any spare rain up there, can you send it south please???
We’ve arrived ‘home’ from overseas Sits after 7 months away and it’s so dry.

@Tasmazias be careful what you wish for :laughing: Have you seen the weather forecast?? It’s so dry up here half the country is on fire. You are in for some pretty cold and ugly weather this week so make hay while the sun shines me thinks :joy: Welcome home :house:

Welcome home @Tasmazias and to an El Nino period. We are still recovering from the Brissie 2022 floods and are ok to not have a wet summer but some rain would great as there are fires everywhere in Queensland. But if it wasn’t that it would be drought or cyclones. It’s always some weather event in QLD over summer.

Thanks, sincerely, ‘Crookie’ , for your Welcome Home greetings! Just texted ‘Ziggy’ with weather report here; cold, windy, sleet, snow showers but no ‘real’ rain for filling our water tanks (sorry Internationals, if you don’t understand).
Hope you’re safe and happy in ? ‘Far North Tassie’???
We should have stayed a tad longer in beautiful Geneva… autumnal delight! Sending you happies from the Far South.

@Tasmazias your weather is as bad or worse than Melbourne! :joy: Warm and sunny one minute, cold and snowy the next. Unlike we “Sunshine Staters” where the temps rarely drop below the 20’s. I’m bragging, yep! Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next :beach_umbrella::sunny:

But everyone is heading to Tassie these days, I am house-sitting for three months here from January whilst the HO’s travel there. Every man and his dog are on their way so you may need to shut the gates :rofl: Lovely place.

Qld fires are getting out of control now and one area they have lost about 30 homes and two lives. We, also, desperately need water. Good luck with that for both our States, and all the others.

Happies from the far North :grin::sunny:


@Tasmazias it’s been hot here in SE Qld & as @ziggy says the fires are pretty savage everywhere.