Clocks 'fall back' for the USA this weekend! 🍂

Are your pets ready for the clocks to change?

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Last week my housesitting friends in the UK shared with me that the pup they were caring for woke up earlier than his normal time for food the morning that the clocks fell back, so not only did they not get an extra hour in bed it was even earlier than the day before. I think he knew!! :laughing:

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Now it’s time for the clocks to ‘fall back’ this weekend in the USA.

I hope that some of you can convince your fury friends to let you sleep an extra hour :laughing: :fallen_leaf:


Sitting in Tucson. :grin:

az time

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LOL. The odd thing is, part of Arizona observes daylight savings time, while most doesn’t. That was a hiccup when we road-tripped northward through the state.

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The Navajo Nation observes DST but the Hopi reservation, contained within the Navajo reservation does not. I understand it causes a lot of confusion with tourists. Probably locals too. :grin: