Don't Forget To Fall Back This Weekend!

When do the clocks go back?

The clocks change twice a year. Once in March when they go forward an hour, and once on the last Sunday of October, when they go back an hour.

The UK will gain that hour at 2 am on Sunday, October 30. And, while your smartphone and laptops will update automatically, analogue clocks and other digital clocks, like car and oven clocks, will need to be changed manually.

An Extra Hour Of Sleep if you have a dog like this …

Otherwise it’s … “Walkies”

Another interesting factoid, Uruguay :uruguay: is on Uruguay time, year round since 2015.
And have to say that time is always relax-o-clock!

What other countries do not observe time changes?

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Don’t forget us in Europe :laughing: We change here today in France, and I think (not sure exactly) that lots of other Euro countries change too this weekend! Lighter mornings but dark evenings… we just enjoyed 23 degrees outdoors (2nd time only on record I believe in our region and hotter elsewhere) here in France last night… but a little sad that was likely be our last dinner on the terrace for a while!!


It will be next weekend in Canada for the switch (that is for the areas that toggle between daylight savings and standard time as not all do here).

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And those of us in the land of Oz in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory changed their clocks the first weekend of October! Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory do not have daylight saving.


I think the USA falls back on November 6?

Yes, US falls back on Nov 6.

And another UK year passes by with lots of hot air and gum bumping from politicians about stopping this heinous practice but still we are stuck with it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::triumph:

In California around 90% of the population voted about three years ago to get rid of it and here we are years later…nothing has changed.