Change The Clocks & 'Fall Back' This Weekend

“It’s National “How Do I Change the Clock on my Microwave” Day!” [Source]
(15 Hilarious Quotes About Daylight Saving Time – The Type Set Co.)

The UK & Europe will gain that hour at 2 am on Sunday, October 29th. And, while your smartphone and laptops will update automatically, analogue clocks and other digital clocks, like car and oven clocks, will need to be changed manually.

And don’t forget to tell the dog … :dog: :rofl: :dog:


I changed the time on the oven today, even though we don’t have daylight saving, does that count? :thinking::rofl:

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I know how to change the clock in my car So proud :clap:

Someone had better tell the cows to come in an hour later!

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absolutely! I find the oven way harder than the microwave!! :clap:

“Five Minutes More” Campaign … related to the clocks changing in the UK

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Who is on a sit in U.K. or Europe right now - how many clocks did you have to change ?

We have done 5 on our sit so far ( clocks, oven, microwave, radio ) plus the one in our car . No doubt we will find some more that we have overlooked in the coming days :rofl:

EDIT - as anticipated found 3 more that needed changing (on the landline phones and the central heating timer ) so that’s 8 in a 3 bed home!

It’s next weekend in the US.


Despite the fact that I’m 42, and we now live in a digital age where most clocks change themselves, my dear old Mum still texts me to make sure I know the clocks have changed :rofl:

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Places in the southern hemisphere are just starting daylight saving time, if they have it at all.
We “spring forward” in the eastern states here in Australia, except for Queensland.

@CatStaff yeah, we don’t want the curtains to fade or upset the cows in the Sunshine State :joy::kangaroo:

I’m sitting in Arizona where there is no clock changing!

We Southerners need a torch up there though @ziggy when dining out as it’s dark by 6pm!! And no evening walk along the beautiful beaches up there either!

@temba on the Gold Coast now and after spending all day on the beach with between 25 and 30 degree temps, we are too exhausted to walk at night. That’s when we sit outside (as we can lol)in a cafe or bar and enjoy the beach view with a glass of wine. Who needs to exert unnecessary energy when wine is involved :person_shrugging:The light from the twinkle of a wine glass is enough :wine_glass::joy:

I can see your point @ziggy! I’ll look forward to following your example in January on Bribie Island!


@ziggy Brilliant! :rofl: