An Extra Hour In Bed!

Oct 31st 2.00am British Summer Time ends … Don’t forget to “Fall Back”

An extra hour in bed (remember to tell the pets!!) :heart_eyes_cat: :dog:


Haha…good reminder for us, although I’m not so sure our four-legged friends are truly acclimated to spring and fall clock resetting. Who am I kidding….takes me a full week to get my ‘clock’ to recognize the time change :crazy_face:

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In the US we turn the clocks back next Sunday, November 7.

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At the moment we are looking after 2 doggies who have their 1st pee & their breakfast at 5am!

I very much doubt they are aware of BST so yaay, tomorrow the clock will say 4am!! :joy:

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Even the equines are reminding us …