Floods in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia

Please spare a thought for the people of south-eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales who are battling floods, the worst in some areas for a century. Lives have been lost; houses, businesses, infrastructure destroyed; much loved pets and livestock have also been lost. There will be fellow THS members affected by these floods - owners who may have lost their homes, pets and livestock or have a massive task ahead of them with the cleanup; sitters who have been caught in this emergency and have to deal with looking after not only their own safety but that of the pets in their care; sitters, from these two states, who could be on a sit in another part of Australia, not knowing whether their house is still standing and what condition it could be in. And more rain is forecast. Let them know we care.


HI @temba we share your concern and sentiments.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this disaster and hope the weather conditions improve soon and that everyone gets the help they so desperately need.

Stay safe and stay well.


@temba Thank you for showing we in the southern hemisphere exist! :roll_eyes: the floods are close to where many of our friends are. The farmers have gone from drought-mouse plage-sort of good conditions-flooding.

@Crookie-How’s things up in the northern bris area?

Friends up in the Sunshine coast tell me it’s sort of drying out…

Check out Rural Aid & Buy from the Bush FB or IG pages :+1:

The article applies to any disaster Want to help people affected by floods? Here's what to do – and what not to


More big storms on the way. Many of my friends are under water and once again thousands of animal.lives have been lost. Devastating.


Oh @Deborah that is sad to know. Yes, and more storms, with hail, still to come. The massive clean-up and just the mess and stench is so hard for everyone. And some haven’t got insurance because of the last time they were caught in the floods and just can’t afford the high prices. Devastating it certainly is.


Sorry for the late reply, it’s been a bit hectic here on the Redcliffe Penninsular. We were smashed by the rain bomb on 27 Feb with 843mm rain at Scarborough in just 3 days. This was 80% of our annual rainfall in 3 days! The ground floor and 2 basement level car parks of our building, which is on the waterfront, were inundated. Several cars were lost and a lot of people’s possessions in storage cages. My unit was ok. The Mud Army came in this week to help with the clean up. Several 80 year old pine trees in our park came down during this event due to 90km hour winds and being undermined by the rain water. I’ve been through cyclones up north that weren’t as bad! Note to self…take more notice of the snails when they are gathering high up on the walls…they know what’s coming! I should have remembered that from 2011 just before the Toowoomba floods where we were living at the time. Thanks for asking!


Oh @Crookie I feel for you. So much rain. Unbelievable the devastation, heartbreak and that horrible clean up that is being done. The Mud Army and volunteers are amazing and make me proud to be an Aussie. Yes, the snails and ants forewarn of rain! My nephew is on the Gold Coast - plenty of rain pouring through the garden but thankfully nothing got into the house. Thinking of you.


It’s funny that you mention the snails. I always keep an eye on spiders, insects and the birds. They best weather forecasters on the planet, as are the ones that are affected the most by it!

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Hi @Crookie glad you are OK and so sorry for all you are going through …

As for the snails … the same thing in Mumbai during monsoon floods, only it was cockroaches …

Stay safe and well


My daughter and her family are there too xx keep safe . Awful times


Hope they’re okay, @Deborah. Just so devastating.

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Thank you, yes they are ok…

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