Back Up Plan?

Hello all
I’m just wondering if you sit as a couple ( like I do) and your other half cannot do the sit for one reason or another. Do you have someone who will stand in for them?
I have a friend who has kindly offered to be a stand in with me as I don’t drive & she does.
As a home owner who has accepted you as a couple sitter would you be unhappy if I turned up with a stand in?
I’m talking about a last minute stand in here like on the actual day your due to arrive?

As HO I wouldn’t mind as long as I knew about it and I didn’t have to make special accommodations. For instance, I only have one guest room so sleeping arrangements would be up to you. I am not sure how it works with the THS rules, that’s worth looking into as the friend would not have been vetted.


Hi @Crazydoglady it’s always prudent to have a back up plan as prevention is better than cure however there are considerations regarding any change of on sit sitter/owner arrangements and in the case of a change of sitter or persons present in the home:

  1. The owner must give written permission for the presence of the non member
  2. Membership Services should be informed of the situation and provided with the owner’s written permission

Another point for consideration is if the owner has TrustedHousesitters home and contents insurance as the policy is designed to financially protect the owner in the event of damage being caused during a sit. If the sitter is a paid member and the owner has agreed to the non-member being present, the policy will still be in place. But this needs to be in writing at the time of the change, confirming the date and details of the non-member.
As usual, terms and conditions will apply.


Thanks for making that clear Angela. I would hate to let the HO down last minute as I’ve experienced emergencies before

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That would be a problem for me.

In what way would it be a problem?
I can understand if HO only have one bedroom.
It wouldn’t be a problem for me as long as I knew a few hours in advance.

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Thank you again

Angela and the Team

It would be a problem because my dog came to me severely traumatized. She has healed from well but is still very anxious around some people. Because of this I am very the particular in my choice of who would be suitable to sit with her and would not feel easy having a substitute.

Aww poor little thing. I can understand this.
So do you need to meet the sitters in advance to make sure she is comfortable with them?
I hate to think of animals having a traumatic start to life it’s just so sad :disappointed: and nice to know you have now given this dog a loving home