Be prepared for bad weather

We have done dozens of sits mostly outside of Winter bit a few with inclement weather. Last year I had to evacuate home surrounded by National Forest with two dogs and a cat due to a wildfire. That was pretty interesting to say the least. To make things worst the owners were camping in a remote area where I could not reach them. Yesterday we returned from our second sit in another amazing home with incredible views of our local Olympic Mountains. The first four days were glorious, but as you can see from the photos what a difference a day can make. Being in top of a steep hill near the water we had a freak snowstorm. Fortunately we had lots of provisions and the owners let us stay an additional night With Them until the road was safe to descend. That had four wheel drive. We didn’t. And going up was one thing, but going down this incredibly steep incline was a different manner.


So much info to keep in mind for success.
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