Best Toys For Anxious Pooches


When a quick dash to the shops turns into an anxious ordeal for your four-pawed pal, we know the dog parent guilt can be real. That’s where the best dog toys for separation anxiety come in handy, making alone time a little easier for your fur baby as you cross tasks off your to-do list. We’ve chosen some of the most durable and effective anxiety toys for dogs, but first, let’s take a look at how dog toys for anxiety work.

Separation anxiety is an issue for many pet parents and their beloved furry family members, more so since the pandemic when pets had their people at home all of the time … but there are measures you can take to help ease your pet’s anxiety.

This article from our website blog shares some of the best toys that are available …

What have you found that works? Please share with the community and let’s help our furry friends live their very best lives, physically and emotionally. :dog: :cat: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Leaving your pet with an item of clothing that smells like you can help with separation anxiety. I do that with my dog when I travel, though he stays with my husband.

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Slightly concerned that this THS article recommends a dog camera - as a way to deal with separation anxiety.

As a sitter I don’t want Pet parents to be watching me inside the home via a dog camera .

I have nothing to hide but it feels like an invasion of my privacy and I would feel uncomfortable being “spied “ on inside the home .

Hi @Silversitters I’m not sure which article you are referring to and recommending the use of any equipment which will help a pet parent support an anxious pet while they are away from the home should in no way affect a sitter while on a sit as THS has a strict policy regarding internal cameras while sitters are in the home.

This technology has become common place and many homes now have cameras both internally and externally whether for pets or home security and this policy is in place to uphold the privacy of our members.

The THS article “ 5 OF THE BEST DOG TOYS FOR SEPARATION ANXIETY“ at the top of this thread recommends a dog camera .

It doesn’t contain any caveat to highlight the THS policy that there should be no internal
Cameras during a sit .

This article could be confusing to HO who may assume it’s ok since THS recommended and endorse its use.

I think the article should make clear that whilst it may help a pet when the HO is absent- it’s use would not be acceptable during a sit .

HI @Silversitters thank you for flagging this, I have passed , with a note, to the content team who created the post.

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Hi @Silversitters the Content Team looked at the article and have updated to include the camera policy "

Trusted tip! Don’t forget, camera and recording devices are not allowed on a sit. Check out our Camera & Recording Devices Policy for all the details"

Thank you again for flagging :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes! I do this too. Actually our vet suggested doing this for whenever we dropped my dog off for checkups/dental cleaning, so I started doing the same for my puppy and I’ve found him cuddled up to my socks or tshirt.

We also have an indoor ring camera to check up on him when we go out, @Silversitters we have always taken this down when we have sitters to respect their privacy, but also as Angela mentioned it’s against policy.


I would say a camera is more for the owner’s separation anxiety :smile:
I think my dog would be more confused if we started talking to him through a mic or screen! Though he isn’t the brightest, perhaps there are cleverer dogs it works well for?
The main thing we found is making it clear you are going out out and not just into the front garden etc - he is much less bothered if he knows we have gone, we have a treat jar by the door that he only gets when we are going to work etc.