Best winter travel slippers

Not a particularly earth shattering question but what do you recommend for winter travel slippers? We have lived in the tropics for way to long and are self confessed cowards when it comes to the cold. Doing a few winter sits so we need to be prepared. 1,2,3 go.

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For ease of packing I’ve got a pair of slip on slippers, on my second pair as they’re not very robust but do the trick.


Slip on Turkish slipper socks! If we were on our homeland then I’d post you some - a princely $1 - they rock (& are nice and small):tr::heart:


Is there a local knitting co-op or even a farmers market near you as they may have some warm slippers awaiting you. I stumbled upon some a few years ago & now need to find another pair.

Tradie type socks are often warm, never diss a safety shop :+1:.

I wear a pair of wool Xeroshoes which are a barefoot style shoe that are so comfy and pack really flat. They don’t make the ones I have anymore, but they have a similar version called the Pagoda. I like them because they have a rubber sole and don’t break down like wool slippers or moccasins. My wife uses Nootkas and loves them. In either case, as a Canadian who lived and worked near the Arctic circle, wear loose wool socks. Tight socks make for cold feet.


Good excuse for me to plan another trip to Turkey. Thank you.

Great idea.

I shall check them out. Thanks.

Always!! Iznik is wonderful for them - let us know if you’re over :raised_hands:t3:

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