Hello from Tenerife! Where to this European winter?

Hi, there! I’m Sofia, Argentinian and Italian online teacher, currently in Spain. I’ve finally joined this lovely community! I’ve had plenty of volunteering jobs through another site (workaway), I started sitting there as well! but now that I am a full-time digital nomad (yay!) I’ve decided to also become a full-time sitter, and this site is amazing!!! I can’t wait for my first experience, hopefully in November. Any places you recommend for European winter? After lovely months in the heat of the Canary Islands, I’m looking forward to winter and my first ever white Christmas!
Take care, let’s connect!!!


Hola y Bienvenida! I absolutely love Tenerife! Spent a month there but anyhoo, you are going to love this. Feel free to ask anything.


Hi @sofia.arista a warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters as a sitter member … we will look forward to sharing in your pet and house sitting adventure and do let us know when you have your first sit and if you get the wish for your first ever white Christmas, something many of us will be wishing for.

Enjoy connecting with members from around the world and if you have any question you in the very best place to find the answers.

Angela and the Team

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Hello @sofia.arista and welcome :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Hiya Sofia
Welcome aboard, European winter. Is it cold, colder or coldest? I’m the other way round, chase the sun.
Try Switzerland, Germany, France, any of the Scandinavian countries. In fact anywhere in Central Europe will get snow at some point. Check some weather apps for weather in December and that might give you a few ideas. I do this for the sun. See a sit but before I go and apply I check to make sure the temperature is over 18C. My husband calls it “where’s my fleece temperature “.
Good luck with your sits and aim high.

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Hi, Elsie! Sorry, I just saw your post as it doesn’t notify me of comments on the community forum. Thank you so much for the kind words! I love warm weather as well, Tenerife has been amazing!!! At the moment I’m struggling to find a sit, though hehehe! I guess I’m not the only one planning a white Christmas :smiley: I know it might be hard until I get reviews so I will take your words and keep aiming high!