Blogging about house and pet sitting

For those of you who blog about your house sits, how do you protect your owner’s privacy? Do you ask permission first?

For me, I usually ask permission, I don’t identify the home location, and I try to keep any photos primarily of the pet and/or the general local area. I don’t post pictures of the house that aren’t already public on their profile.

What are other people’s thoughts on this? I’d be interested in Owner’s chiming in with feedback as well.


I literally asked a question about house sitting blogs in the general topic category 10 minutes ago, telepathy haha! :slight_smile:
What’s your blog, would love to read it!

I tend to avoid pictures of the inside of the house, if not I definitely ask. I never mention the exact location either.


@Kelownagurl - great subject.

I hadn’t given this much thought before, but it’s an important topic. We all have things in our home that serve as a gateway to our private lives. I believe things like personal photos, something that would identify the exact location of the home, etc, should be off limits in a blog by a HouseSitter.

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Yes I did ask all my home owners the permission to publish photos of their pets and one photo of their homes.

Only one refuses the photo of their home and even his first name (I never give the name of the village, and the family name). I was very surprised as this house and pet owner was on Google, as he rented the house as a gite…


Thanks, and I agree!

I’m at

There’s more than just housesitting so you’ll have to hit the right tab at the top.



Totally agree! In fact, for the most part, I avoid any interior pictures.

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I don’t blog, but I do use Instagram frequently and I never share any personal details. If there are interior shots, it’s so focused on the pet or something that I’m personally working on that it wouldn’t really be possible to really tell where it was taken. I don’t take photos of the house (partly because I don’t necessarily want to advertise where I am either!) but I do love sharing images of the local neighborhood, etc., that anyone could see if they were walking by. If I ever want to share an image of a pet, I’ll ask permission first, yes!


Yes, we always ask permission to use photos of the pets in our blogs, on social or in the magazine. But we prefer not to show houses or reveal specific locations and make that clear too. Unless, as has happened in a couple of situations, the owner is selling, or has an airbnb they’d quite like us to promote :slight_smile:
So any pix of pets inside are closeups. We haven’t ever had anyone object to having their pets shown, but a lot of the images we use for non specific blogs come from Pixabay where you can find absolutely loads of free photos for use.


I love websites like this.

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We have been blogging about house sitting since we first started in 2016, and we never post photos of the home, interior or exterior. Personally, we don’t want to add to the narrative of travelers who want to house sit just for glamorous locations or homes. That’s not what house sitting is about, and imho the glamorization of house siting online (especially Instagram, which I do love but it has its issues) attracts people to house sitting for the wrong reasons. I post closeup photos of the animals with permission and when I want an exterior shot of a home, I use photos I’ve taken around the town/city.


Some very good points!

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We started a blog when we left home last September with the intention of being full-time Airbnb guests. On the recommendation of an Airbnb host, we have just dipped our toes into the world of Housesitting so it looks as if our adventure is taking an unexpectedly different direction! I would always ask permission to add pet pics and, except for the town/city will not include information or pics of homes.