very funny incident with dog in owners house do you have to seek their permission before publishing on THS site?

There’s a few threads about this topic

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Before publishing what? Sorry I can’t understand exactly what it is you’re asking

simple, she wants to know that if she takes a photo of the pets during a sit she can publish this on the site ( such as here in the Community) or does she have to ask permission from the owner first. ( Even though I don’t know how far personal image copyright extends to animals. I can imagine if there are parts of the home/house shown that it needs to be as non-traceable as possible but otherwise i shouldn’t see there being any problem with posting a photo of an animal we’ve taken care of :relieved:

@Maggie thanks Maggie makes so much more sense :sweat_smile: what do you think the ‘funny incident’ part could mean. That the HOs were annoyed that they did already. I wish people would follow up on their own topics that they create.

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Legally, there is no problem. If the OP took the photo, the copyright belongs to them.

THS and this forum has guidance/rules about privacy aspects of photos, but that is a different matter.

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@Enjaybee I though very funny incident meant they had a comical photo of a pet they would like to share on the forum…


I post outside of the house photos in THS without asking. If taken indoors or recognizable to the house, I ask for permission

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THS have an article about social
Media etiquette and sharing photos which may answer you question.

They recommend that you “ask permission first”

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The funny incident, Could be anything from wearing a pair of socks to getting stuck somewhere when trying to carry something way too big through a doorway or somewhere else. The furpets we look after can sometimes be sometimes used to or do the sillest of escapades. I used to have a cat who would sit on the wooden bench over the radiator situated with a small gap next to a window) and then fall over forwards very slowly ( almost slow motion) and let herself fall inbetween the radiator and the window and just carry on sleeping. After the first couple of times she actually started seeing it as a fun game. Of course I had to fish her out everytime :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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