Hello All!
The other day my sister in law contacted me about our pet sitting. She was thinking of using THS but wanted to know if the sitters are bonded. We are not and we have been very successful in getting sits.
How many of you are bonded? If so, do you feel it is an advantage?

Point her in the direction of paid services.


Hello! Sorry, I’m confused, what do you mean by bonded? Just curious, thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m not real sure but I think it means that an HO is ensured and protected against any loss that comes as a direct result of fraudulent, dishonest, or criminal activities of a sitter.
My sister in law has used paid sitters before and I guess they may have been bonded. I think it’s just a trust issue with her.

Thank you for your reply! I learn something new all the time :smiley:.

I think it is an American term for ‘insured’

You will often see professional pet sitters–in the United States at least–state that they are “bonded and insured.” They’ve gone through this process and have paid the associated costs for themselves and/or any employees or contractors. Same for handyman services, plumbers, etc. In short, it is applicable to a paid business, not a volunteer.

Here, a petsitter explains: