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Hi all,

I am new to trusted sitters and completed my first sit successfully a few weeks ago. We have another sit coming up and I am noticing a lot of couples applying, I don’t have issue with couples but I do have concerns. Are both background checked? I would be interested in hearing from HO who have had couples sit.

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I prefer couples over singles, because, if something happened to, let’s say one of the couple’s family and they would have to leave quickly, there’s still the other one to stay until someone else could take over.


Only the main sitter on the profile is background checked and only if that sitter is from the US. I’m pretty sure no one from any other country is required to be background checked. Their identification is verified and that’s it.

We’re a couple, in our 50’s and 60’s, been together for 13 years, lived together since 2016, trustworthy, reliable, bla bla bla, that’s the life story.

THS’s system only allows one space for one of us to be background checked, I don’t know why, it’s been raised plenty of times before on here. But our insurance covers us to sit via THS as a COUPLE, as they have both of our names on their system, so you have an element of insurance protection.

To give a little extra assurance to an HO, we give both of our LinkedIn profile details, and say we’re happy to video chat in our profile, so HO’s can see we’re both as ‘fantastic’ as our reviews say.

If you are single and you have pets, your pets may be happier with a single sitter (only you know that). If you live alone you can probably think of plenty of other advantages. If you’re female/male your pets may prefer the same.

However, the HUUUUUUGE benefit of a couple is twice as many snuggles, cuddles, hugs.
Pets get twice as much attention, simply because there’s two people.
Practically two people can potentially handle larger dogs or larger quantities of animals easier.
Two people can walk dogs that pull on their leads easier, as they can take it in turns. You may be used to how your dog pulls, but a stranger isn’t.
If you have pets that don’t like to be left alone, two people means that never has to happen, as one can pop to the shops and leave the other with the pets.
Statistically I’d imagine there’s a higher rate of couples that are use to owning or renting a home together, so used to dealing with any unforeseen issues that may arise with your property. But that’s not always the case.

There’s loads more benefits, but there’s no rights nor wrongs, it depends what type of set up would be best in your particular scenario.

If you have concerns, just ask to see the partners passport or driving licence, we wouldn’t have an issue at all if someone asked, as I’d totally understand it’s a fault with the THS system.

Also, bear in mind THS has 17000+ reviews on Trustpilot, most of which give it 5*, and those will be made up of sits with singles and couples.

Just go with what you are comfortable with, but if you yourself are in a couple, then maybe open yourself up to both as you’ll have a lot more applicants to pick from then, and take it from there. You’ll know when you find the right sitter/s.

Thank you so much for the thorough response!

I feel like this is currently being addressed on a couple of other active forum threads. It’s very common for couples to sit together. The way it is set up on THS, one person basically holds the account. That person has the background check – US only or the ID check – everywhere else. So if a couple come – whether they are two friends, a mother/daughter team, married, or not-married but together – only one person will have had the background check. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can reject them outright. However, if you look through reviews, you’ll see many couples successfully sit. Also it is possible to simply ask for the bonafides on the person who isn’t background checked – linkedin or something else proving they exist. I’ve done that a couple of times and it hasn’t been a problem. I’ve also outright rejected some sitters with very few reviews who mention a partner in their application but not on the profile.

Full disclosure, I also sit and have had my spouse accompany me on several sits. While I take primary responsibility, having him around has been great. Last sit there was an issue with two cats that needed to be separated, and he kept the young rambuctious cat entertained, while I kept the older cat company. Another time, I was out shopping when an indoor/outdoor cat came in with live prey, and he was able to save and free a bird!

Some couples share duties equally and are even able to split sits this way if dates overlap.

One of the fun things about this community, is you can meet with and video interview sitters, and check their reviews and decide what’s right for your household and pets.

I do house sitting with my husband, and we are both on the profile, so all of our reviews are in reference to both of us. Ultimately you have to do what makes you most comfortable. Perhaps you would feel better considering couples where both are on the profile–I know this isn’t always the case-- and they clearly sit together all the time, and have at least a few reviews. Or you can just stick to singles. If a HO has a really strong preference for particular types of sitters, whatever that criteria is, it is important to honor that so they feel good about using the service.

Hi @HappyDeb. You sound like lovely sitters.

I think it can be relative and subjective re couples/singles.

If there is a couple sitting who are ‘on holiday’, or distracted, or just average at sitting, or not ‘on the ball’, or who have sold their home or refurbishing their own) and mainly just wanting free accommodation, then a single sitter who is super experienced, dedicated, focused and working from home could in fact be waaay better.

Plus I have sat for people who themselves are indeed single. Or who have a partner who may even leave the house at times!

I think it has to be a case by case thing. Both hosts and guests need to suss out the right individual fit.

To home owners/hosts, I would say that neither singles nor couples are ‘better’. Both can be ‘better’ or ‘worse’ for a multitude of reasons. It’s the fit and quality on both sides which is key.

I am very choosy in finding the right people to house sit for. Which I do, as I love animals and now live in an apartment, work from home and miss my own furry ones who have passed.

I am a single sitter who is inundated with unsolicited invitations (as many as 4 a day sometimes) to sit because of my experience, reviews and repeat sits. My hosts are choosy and careful too.

Re checks, we should remember that both a single or couple sitting, could potentially introduce a third party in to the home who is not ‘checked’ or approved first. Of course we should absolutely never do that. Ultimately it is all based on trust, communication and choice. We have to all conduct our own due diligence and judgment when finding the right fit.

Best wishes to all


Since I’ve seen more recent comments that only US residents have their criminal background checked on TH, and those living in another country have only their ID checked, I wanted to offer more information as I understand it.

The criminal background check for the US is done by a private company based on the laws in the US. After the individual submits their personal information, this private company processes.

Some other countries have strict privacy laws and it’s only the government who has access to your relevant personal information. These governments also control who they issue a passport to and some will not issue a passport to those who have a criminal record.

If you want to visit the US and you are not a US citizen, you must provide your passport information and apply for a tourist visa with form DS-160 from the US Department of State. They ask extensive detailed questions, including any criminal history, before an application is approved or denied for entry.

It is my understanding that next year, US citizens will be required to apply for a similar visa before travel to Europe.