A different question about sitting with a partner

I know there are many topics about asking if you can bring someone. I noticed when I signed up there was an option/question that was something like are sitting alone or with someone. I recently combined my membership with the aim of doing a few sits on my own, as after 3 years of being cooped up with my beloved, I could use a little me time. However, I’m seeing sits that I could imagine us both doing together. If I decide to change the status from sitting alone to doing this as a couple, does he have to do the background check? Does he need references? Can we switch off or should he get a separate account if he wants to do sits without me? Can we do one account and just let people know who is applying or if it’s both? Anyone with experience with this?

Hello @Marion It’s lovely to have you posting on the forum again.

I am sure other members will jump in and assist with your questions, but to get you started here are some topics which can help answer your question:

They cover both members being on the profile and background checks as only the main account holder can complete the check.

You can update your profile at any time to include your partner and it is a good idea to add photos, information and get a reference or two for him.

You can explain in the application if you are sitting together for that sit or solo.

There are other forum members who sit solo and at times with a partner, so I hope you get additional feedback :grin:

My husband and I sit together. I am the main account holder and only I have been background checked- ID, email etc. However our whole profile is about the two of us and all references & reviews are about us both.
So you definitely do not need two separate memberships. From all the articles I’ve seen on the forum my understanding is that if you want to sit together sometimes, but not all the time, it would be helpful to state this directly in your profile desciption. And in each application make it clear if you are sitting solo or together for that sit. I have occasionally seen reviews on profiles which clearly indicate the couple sits together and one or other sits solo at times too. It seems that as long is everything is clearly stated- on the profile and in the application- then this is perfectly fine to do this.


I also signed up for THS with the intention of sitting solo, but have since had a few sits where my partner has come along for part or all of the stay. As the main account holder, I’m the only one who’s been background checked, however, I mention my partner on my profile and include photos and references for him too. I make it clear on my profile and applications if I am sitting solo, or if we are sitting partly or fully together. We haven’t had any issues so far.