Signing up as new sitter - single or couple?

I made some enquiries a while ago but then life intervened and I didn’t get around to joining up. Am now thinking again about signing up to the Basic House Sitter option.

Please can anyone confirm whether if my partner and I want to sit together (or possibly also separately) we need to buy and pay for two separate memberships? Many thanks.

You only need one profile if you are going to sit together. One of you will be the official account holder who will need to be vetted. The other person is named on the profile as the companion sitter. My husband and I sit together and have one profile. That’s the norm.

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One membership is fine but just make it clear in your profile and in any application/communication to homeowners who will be sitting.

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1 profile should be fine. As someone else said make it clear in your application who will be at that particular sit. My/our profile is a photo of my husband and myself but it’s just my name. We generally sit together but one time he was in a different country and my mom came with me. Of course, I explained that and asked the hosts’ permission first. I have recently applied for a sit that will be just me and the host was fine with my explanation. If you each might go to sits alone then do put both of your names on the profile.

In addition to what @HostAndSitter said, I mentioned in our sitter profile that sometimes my husband and I sit together, sometimes I sit solo. Then I included as much background info about him as I did about me. Also, he joins me in any sitter-selection video calls for sits he might join me for.