Is team sitting allowed and if so how does it work?

I am new to this platform and I am not able to find my question through the actual site. Can two people sit together for example myself in my adult niece? If so do we both sign up to be sitters or just one of us and note that we would be bringing another person with us.

We sit as a couple. You only pay once, you have one profile, only one of you is ID checked but as you go through the process it asks if you are sitting as a couple, which is when you add your niece. If you are planning on always sitting together, then don’t make it look like you are “bringing your niece with you”, she is part and parcel of your whole sitting experience, so write your profile as though it is a joint thing.

As you complete your profile, you complete it as a couple, putting your relationship and what pets you’ve both had. In our profile we just say between us both our own pets have included bla bla bla. So that it’s easier and quicker for pet owners to read, rather than splitting various different pets up between each of us and then some pets we’ve both had etc.

Get tips on how to write your profile by taking a look at other sitters profiles. Glance at sitters that are in couples, families, or some sit with an elderly parent, etc.

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When you edit your profile, you’ll see the last question is sitting alone or “accompanied.” If you put your niece’s name it will be your name & your neice in the listing. It’s also possible if she won’t always be going with you, to just mention her on the profile – that she may sometimes come with you but you’ll let homeowners know if that’s the case.

Because the second person is not vetted, I usually provide some extra information about my spouse if he is going to accompany me.

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