Adding a person to my sitter profile

I am cat sitting in London this Summer. The host and I agreed to the arrangement a while ago. Since then my sister – a retired school teacher and fellow cat lady – is interested in joining me. I asked the host’s permission and they have kindly agreed. If possible I would like to add my sister to my profile for the term of this sit only. I can do so in the written part but don’t want to break any rules. Is there something specific I need to do? Thanks!

Hi @SABrenner
You can certainly edit your profile to reflect “we” instead of “I”.
Many people travel with someone else. You can edit it back whenever you like and as often as you like.
Two people sitting independently of one another ideally should have separate accounts and profiles.

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I added my husband to my account since we travel and sit together. I don’t see why you can’t do the same thing with your sister.

Here’s a bit of info.


Hi @SABrenner, my sister often joins me on sits, especially international ones, so I include information about her in my profile plus photos of her with pets from our sits. I am very clear when applying for sits whether it is just for me or for both of us. Have never had an issue with owners re this.

Thank you all. I will add information about and photos of my sister. It is reassuring to know that this is a regular practice.