Shall I have a solo, or joint couple profile?

Hey! Super new, as of this morning. Really excited to get started.

I see on here there are both solo profiles, and joint (which is a lovely feature!) - assumingly from their names and profile pictures.

As my partner works away a decent amount it will mainly be myself but he would probably join for a few days, if its a week stint. But once we move abroad across Asia and Australia, it will be us both.

I’m torn on how to set up the profile, leaning towards a joint, with photos and bio’s of us both as assuming you can’t change it later on?

For now, when applying, I’ll be very upfront and transparent, explaining that it will mostly be myself as the sole sitter, with my partner joining when he can?

Would this be seen as untrusty? Too much change?

I’d appreciate the viewpoint from sitters as well as home owners.

Thanks for reading! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I primarily sit solo, but sometimes my daughter sits with me. She’s a university student and joins me when she has breaks (primarily summer). My profile is a solo profile, but I do have a couple pictures with my daughter on there. When I apply for sits that she will be with me, I make that clear in the first sentence of the application. I include information about her, including her experience with pets and petsitting. I also mention that she has done several sits with me and that some of my wonderful reviews specifically mention her. I’ve done over 30 sits and she has been with me on about 10 of them. So, I haven’t had issues getting sits with this approach. Most HOs have thought it was great that we get so much mother/daughter travel time!

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I would think it makes more sense to make it a joint profile, then you can share with them that it may possible just be you…seems easier and better for the home owner to initially assume there could be two of you on the sit…if that makes sense?

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My spouse often accompanies me on sits, but I started sitting as me time and don’t particularly want the & after my name!

I do mention him on my profile, briefly what he does, that he often travels for work, and that he’s an experienced pet carer who sometimes accompanies me and that I will let hosts know in the application letter if that’s the case.

When I am including him in the application I also send two links for him – linkedin and another link about him so pet parents can see he’s for real.

I believe you can just change solo and to accompanied on the dashboard at will and add the photos of your partner and remove them when needed.

My husband and I each have our own account. It’s worked out really well. If I’m invited to a sit that I can’t do, I ask him if he’s available and interested. If he is, I offer the owner his information. He’s always been accepted and has all five star reviews. He’s never applied on his own, so I told him he’s had it easy getting sits, lol, but it’s worked out well for me too on those sits that prefer a couple because I just let them know he’s a sitter too and where to find his info.