Husband coming with me?

I have joined to sit on my own thinking that I couldn’t bring my husband for the occasional sit, but thought I read (now can’t find it!) that I can bring him with me, can anyone tell me which it is please? thanks :slight_smile:

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Many people sit with their partners, introduce both of you in your application note, and I’m sure, unless the sit specifies a single, you will be fine.


Thank you Jackie! He was going to set up a joint account for us to use when we could both go but it would be great to share mine as most of them will be just for me.

Hi @Lily welcome to our community forum and it’s wonderful that you both want to sit. You can create a joint profile using one email address and if you do want to sit alone at times include this in your profile however make it a joint one and add references which apply to both of you as this help you when applying for sits as a couple.

Your profile is your showcase and it’s what owners use in the selection process and so the advice would be set up for your both but explain in the copy that you enjoy sitting as a couple but also you like to take the opportunity as a single pet loving sitter, that way it will be ready for any sit you see that is right for you, whichever way you choose.

Good luck


thanks Angela, this is great advice, I’ll get on that :slight_smile:

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