I am the vetted sitter, should I add my husband even if often I will be the only one?

I have signed up to be a sitter, I’ve been approved and vetted and all of those things, most of the sits that I am looking at are half a days drive/ferry ride/border crossing from my home, and occasionally my husband could come to visit.
I would never have anyone into someone else’s home without approval. Is it better for me to add him as a couples setting situation even though mostly he will not be there? Or should I just ask each individual HO if it is an opportunity he could participate in?

That’s a good question. You’d probably be best clarifying with membership services.
But my suggestion would be to keep your profile as a single sitter for now- as you plan to mainly sit alone- but include a picture of you and your husband together and mention in your profile that your husband may occasionally join you (subject to host approval) And then ofcourse make it clear in your application whether your husband will join you or not for that particular sit. I don’t think your husband would need individual approval anyway. My husband and I sit together but I am the main account holder and submitted all my details. They did not ask for his ID as well.
It may be different if you are in the US.


My advice would be to keep the profile as one person unless you are travelling together. Some hosts look explicitly for couples, so the expectation of reading your combined profile and additional engagement would fall short. However, if you get the stage of an interview/chat, etc. that’s the time to ask their thoughts of having a single visitor (husband), which I imagine would be no problem at all. It would be different if it were not a close relative/spouse, however.


I would add your husband and write in your profile and your applications what the situation is (I think you already described it well in your post).

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If a couple registers surely both are vetted? If only one of you is vetted you could bring anyone along and say that’s my husband?

Hiya, yes I think it’s important to be honest. If you are a couple then register as a couple, if you are a single then register as single and then mention you would like to bring your partner… transparency is vital for home owners to make their decision :slight_smile: Hope this helps :wink:

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Sorry new to this, do they only vet if one applies? I see a lot of hosts that say they are ‘so and so’ but then when you look in their profile they are not just ‘so and so’ they are ‘me and them’… are they not vetted if only one name is registered?

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I am just going to move forward with the Member Services, my husband really won’t be able to be there hardly ever. 95% it will me alone. Thanks for the input, I really was so unsure :blush:

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@Wavingfish When we joined in 2018 only one person could be the account holder and that person was vetted (in UK that is just passport, Email & phone number) I wanted both names listed but it was not possible. They told me to just ddd my husband on the profile page.
It may well have changed now and might also be different for USA members.

I suppose that is true, altho I have him in my profile.
I will be transparent with whatever the situation is. And I am going to send a note to member services.

Interesting, I will comment back what they tell me :blush:

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Hi @Rebes
We generally would suggest that you put your husband on your profile, giving him a good paragraph and a couple of photos of both of you. Pet interaction photos always go down a treat. He is then ‘registered on your profile’ which is important and easy when you do decide to sit together. You are naturally, still the main member.
I would mention in your opening application paragraph, that you mostly sit on your own and when you email the pet-parent/owner, I would mention immediately if you are on your own or with him for that particular sit. You can also make mention in your profile title. Most pet-parents/owners will read your message before clicking through to your profile. They will also be able to see from your reviews, which sits you did on your own or as a couple.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes

Thank you so much for this! I appreciate it :grinning: it totally makes sense, I just wanted to do it right lol I can talk myself squirrelly sometimes trying to do it right!

Thanks again!

I hope you have a great rest of your day!


I really don’t think that’s good enough. Either the person is registered and vetted by themselves, and does only solo sits, or they are a couple and both are vetted even if most of the time the partner does not attend.
I didn’t realise this was possible, and this is not made very clear on the site. I recently had a couple booked to sit, but only one of them turned up, how was I supposed to know there was the possibility that the partner that turned up was not vetted?

Membership Services did reach out to me, I have added my husband and as far as I am aware, we have done everything. His photo is on my profile so anyone could see him. But mostly it will be just me. I think I clarified that we’ll enough on there.
I guess if you have more questions you could also reach out to them. (MembiServ)
Some of this, I am finding, unfolds as things come up.
Good luck :blush:

My husband and I sit together. We are both named on the profile and in all reviews and pics. But THS policy seems to be that only the account holder (in this case me) is verified. I had to send in passport copy, email etc but my hubby was not asked for same.

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