Couple profiles - Only one name shows on sit reviews

I’ve just noticed that when feedback has been given to HO following a sit only one name shows under our profile pic even though we’re doing this as a couple. Our whole profile states we’re a couple so why doesn’t it have both our names under our profile pic when we leave end of sit feedback?

Hello @TheNomads We also sit as a couple and whilst it shows both our names on our profile the reviews and feedback are to/from the person who originally set up the account or the primary account holder. You can always reach out to and see if that can be amended. I will also tag @Therese-Moderator as she will know if that is currently an option. Also, a great suggestion to add to the suggestions list:
What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

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Hi @Carla-Moderator Thanks for the reply and tagging @Therese-Moderator . I just think that it’s important if couples are sitting both their names should appear on all elements of a sit.


Thank you @Carla-Moderator and @TheNomads for that suggestion. It is not available as an option as it stands, and I think it is a very good suggestion, and will certainly pass it on to our product team.

We always sit as a couple, which is noted in my profile, but the membership is in my name. Recently a home owner was confused as to whether to give the review to me, as the request came from my name, or to us as a couple, as that is what shows on our profile. In the end they opted to give the review to just me, thinking that perhaps our relationship had changed. As a result the implication is that the sit was only done by one person, instead of 2. We would prefer to have the review as a couple and the Home Owner is contacting Help in order to try and change the review to include us both. This is a lot of unnecessary trouble for the HO to go through . Is there a way to coordinate the various pages on THS to all show the same name/s all the time?