(book club) (“Let Nature be your Compass: Introducing the Power of Natural Intelligence" by Rosie Tomkins)

Thanks, @Cuttlefish. Dec. 6 (a Wednesday), at 6 pm UK time. So 1 pm (ET), 10 am (PT).

@Landbiscuit, @Samox24, @mars: How’s that sound?

And yes, it will be great if more can come, too! Quite a privilege to have Rosie meet with us!

I’ll let my horse friend know.

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Hi @geoff.hom @Cuttlefish Yes Dec 6th at that time is fine for me :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @geoff.hom and @Cuttlefish
December 6th works great for me. Looking forward to chatting with Rosie.

One week to go! Plenty of time for anyone to read this book and join our Google Meet. It’s like 140 pages on my Kindle app, which I’ve set to a fairly large font. You could probably read it in a day or two.

@Cuttlefish: How do you feel about moderating the Google Meet? We still need to pick someone. And generate the url (which takes only a minute).

Yes no problem, I’m swapping country that day but think it will be fine :rofl::raised_hands:t3: I read it in not much more than half a day so definitely have time other book clubbers :closed_book:

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Great! @Cuttlefish, please create the link for your Google Meet (https://meet.google.com). Then, post it here so we’ll all be ready. I’ll share it with my non-TH horse friend, too.

Have questions or want practice? Just send me a PM/DM.

Here’s the Google meet link for Wednesday 6 December for Rosie’s book. 6pm UK time. Thanks all & @geoff.hom

Becky Walsh has invited you to join a video meeting on Google Meet.

Join the meeting: https://meet.google.com/wvi-pkch-omj


Thanks, @Cuttlefish! I’ll see everyone online tomorrow!

@Landbiscuit @Samox24 @mars

Everyone’s welcome! It’s a short book, but honestly even if you didn’t finish (or start), if you’re interested in the topic, come anyway. The author has a lot of experience doing workshops for business leaders and teams … via horses. :horse: :racehorse: :magnet:


I’ll see y’all tomorrow at 1 PM EST. Looking forward!

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Rosie is dialled in everyone. She’s an amazing author & great speaker and host but no tech whizz so fingers crossed it all works. I’ve moved from the UK to Turkey earlier today so me too :tr::100::raised_hands:t3:


Sounds good. If anyone runs into any tech issues, I can try to help. Text/call me at +1.612.481.0735.

Thank you @Cuttlefish for organising last nights great book club meet :clap:t2: and @geoff.hom for helping with the tech. Looking forward to the next one. :blush: