(book club) (“Let Nature be your Compass: Introducing the Power of Natural Intelligence" by Rosie Tomkins)

The TH book club is for anyone!

Our next book:

If you have any comments about this book, just reply. We’ll discuss it in a few weeks on Google Meet.

For choosing future books, see: (book club) (ongoing discussion for future books).

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Bought my copy on Amazon to read on my iPad! (Kindle app) It was like $11 USD.

Hello all, Rosie can chat to the book club either Tuesday 6 December or Wednesday 12 December, early evening UK time (which I think was the preference). Please let me know which works for you best and can revisit another date if not. Many thanks, Cuttlefish @MaggieUU @mars @Samox24 @Landbiscuit @geoff.hom @Southernsitter @sledgejoyce @andrealovesanimals @hitchedandhiking


Please see above for dates. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone @Karen_E @AlisonFagan - feel free to tag other book club members

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I have Dec 6 as a Wed, and Dec 12 as a Tue. Or am I missing something?

This is a shorter book, so I’d say the sooner one: Dec. 6 (or 5th?). I personally am flexible on the date and time.

Thanks for coordinating, @Cuttlefish!


Thank you @Cuttlefish the earlier date of the 6th (or 5th) per @geoff.hom date checker works best for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes Wednesday 6th - sorry third time of writing it all out :rofl::rofl:

Thanks for liaising with the author, it’s so great she can join us!
I can’t make December 6th. I can do December 12th, but if 6th works best for everyone else go ahead without me! :slight_smile:

At this point either day should work for me. I just bought the book.


@Purdie and @Landbiscuit: What do you think? Dec 6 or Dec 12?

@Purdie messged me to say after NY is better for her. @Landbiscuit i haven’t heard from. Does that mean it’s only 3 members for Rosie to talk to @geoff.hom?

@geoff.hom I am sorry I can’t realistically do Dec. I can do some January dates, if that also works for others?

@Cuttlefish: Maybe. Looks like me, @mars, @Samox24 or @hitchedandhiking. Maybe @Landbiscuit. I invited a non-TH friend who has worked with horses a lot, but it depends on her schedule if she can join us. Of course, you’re also +1. :sweat_smile:

If Rosie doesn’t want to come, that’s totally understandable. Us choosing the book was never dependent upon her coming. But I don’t think we should wait until after January. Rosie’s book isn’t that long. Doesn’t she say at the start that one could finish it in half a day?

I think we should still pick either Dec. 6 or 12. At least then we have a chance of Rosie joining us, and it gives those interested enough time to read it.


Of course she’ll come. Just a shame there’s not more of us. Going to suggest 6 December as that has the most takers. Thanks @geoff.hom

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Hello @Cuttlefish and @geoff.hom Either day works for me. I have finished the book and enjoyed it. I’ll have to do a refresh read before our chat.


If it’s any help, @Cuttlefish, I can move things around and make the 12th? I definitely can’t make the 6th but if that works best for most then no probs.

I’ve not been in a book club before - do we meet to discuss just the once, or more? So much to talk about with books… :heart_eyes:

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Thanks @Purdie - maybe if there’s another small group then Rosie could chat to them in the NY?


If a smaller group does get set up then do let me know, as I could only make the 12th, not the 6th, as well!


@Purdie: Each book club is probably different. We can even change formats between meetings. In our case, we’ve discussed each book only once, during the Google Meet with the author.

Wait, I think for our first book, we met before we met with the author, but I forget if that was intentional.

I’m not planning to meet more than once per book, but if you want to spearhead something, please do!

@Cuttlefish: Ok, Dec 6. What time? 7 pm UK? 8? I’ll let my horse friend know.

I’d said 6pm to Rosie but if it needs to be later then please say and will organise. Thanks @geoff.hom