TH Book Club: The Bee Sting

Thanks to all who attended our meeting today! Those of us present decided on this one for our next selection.

The Bee Sting

Winner of the An Post Irish Book of the Year, the Nero Gold Prize, and the Nero Book Award for Fiction

Chosen as one of the Top 10 Books of the Year by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Shortlisted for the Booker Prize and the Writers’ Prize for Fiction

Finalist for the Kirkus Prize for Fiction

This is a long one but one critic says, “Trust Paul Murray to make 650 pages feel too short” —Emily Temple, Literary Hub

I’ll suggest Tuesday, 18 June or Friday, 21 June for consideration. Let me know if either of those days works for you. Thanks!


Hello again, All!

We had a small turnout for our last meeting. The book :closed_book: discussion was a starting point, then we veered off to “all things house-sitting.” :luggage: :cat: :dog: :house_with_garden::
It was a very enjoyable discussion!

We don’t want the TH Book Club :books: to fold due to lack of interest so I’d like to open things up: Even if you don’t finish the next book (which is supposed to be super) or even read it at all, grab a cup of tea :teapot: or coffee :coffee: and join us at our next meeting where we’ll share thoughts, ideas and opinions, as well as house sitting experiences.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on The Bee Sting :open_book: as you’re reading it, go ahead and post them here.

Keep your :eye: on this space where we’ll set a date and time for our next meeting!


I read The Bee Sting recently. I’m not an especially fast reader, but I read it in 2 weeks! It has been very popular in my family, from my mother (an avid reader at 85), to her adult grandchildren. We are from Ireland, so related to the book a lot.

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Hi, I didnt realize you had a book club…how does one become involved? I have never heard of this book, will look into getting a copy and reading it.

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@SoloGal , the TH Book Club is open to everyone. Get the book and watch this topic. I will give a choice of dates in the near future and ask for feedback from everyone.

Once we get closer I will DM all members who have expressed an interest in attending with the Google Meet link.

Hope to see you there. :blush:


Thanks, will keep an eye out

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Hello again TH Forum members,

including @Makelikeanapeman @andrealovesanimals @hitchedandhiking @CanadianLynda @Landbiscuit @Catgoddess_99 @Tgo53 @SoloTraveler @Mmasters1111 @luckycat @geoff.hom @Lassie @Cuttlefish @MaggieUU @Southernsitter @Purdie @laura358 @PVGemini @Sitandsat @FluffyFriends @sledgejoyce @Sam_F @Ellen1

The book is good! If you don’t have it yet, get it and start reading! LIke you @Lassie , I’m not an especially fast reader but this one is easy because it very interesting.

I am proposing one of these dates for our next meeting:
Wednesday, 26 June
Friday 28 June

Please respond here or DM me with your preference. If neither of these work, feel free to suggest another date.

As I said before, please come even if you haven’t finished, or even read the book.

Hi Maeve and TH Forum Members,
I’d love to attend, but I’ll be traveling on June 26th. I leave my home on the 25th, spend a couple days in Bogotá, Colombia enroute to my sit in Cuenca. Would it be possible to do it the prior week (June 19th)? How does that work for the rest of you?

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Both dates fine with me thanks @Maeve and will get reading :raised_hands:t3::books:

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@Maeve Both dates are fine with me. Thanks for organizing this.

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I have the book. Will join meeting if possible.

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I have no idea where ill be or what i will be doingvon thise dates but i will try my best to attend - and read the book thus time.

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At this point, either date is fine for me, although I’d probably lean towards the Wednesday. I just got the book and am heading to Florida for a few days and will hopefully get time to read it there.

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Both dates are fine for me. I’m 6 hours behind GMT.

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:blue_book: Book Discussion :teapot: :coffee:

Let’s meet :books: to discuss The Bee Sting :honeybee: on Wednesday, 26 June. We can do it
Option 1: 10AM PDT/11AM MDT/12noon CDT/1PM EDT/6PM GMT/7PM CET/8PM EEST (Turkey) :alarm_clock:
Option 2: An hour later :watch:

If you have a preference, please post it here. Thanks! :pray:

I’m interested, thanks.

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Thanks @Maeve for organising the next meeting! Like you, I don’t want the THS book club to fold due to lack of interest or participation. :books:
I haven’t been able to start reading the book yet, but regardless of whether I’ve read it I will be joining this meeting as the date works well for me.
It’ll be great to catch up with everyone on the 26th June. :smiley:

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Awesome, @hitchedandhiking

Yes, come whether you’ve read the book or not. We’re planning on reading your book next.

It seems unlikely i will be able to make this. I plan to be in Medellin, Colombia (which is CDT, i believe), but since it is a weekday i will most likely be in Spanish Classes.

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Thanks for organizing this. I just finished the Audible version and am looking forward to the discussion.

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