Can a home owner access my homeowner listing via my sitter profile?

I am both a home owner and a sitter. In my application to a sit, I always mention that fact. I think I just assumed an owner would be able to see my home owner listing (whether or not active), but now I don’t think that is the case. I tried to do so and couldn’t figure out how. It seems if one can have an Air BnB link and a LinkedIn link, it should be possible to see the owners link on THS.

Good question.I would like to know too.

Hi @Cleeflang and @Shella_in_the_Forum please contact the Membership Services Team on or access the Help Section on the website or connect with the team via Live Chat … there are many options for getting help with membership questions.

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I had reviewed the FAQs and searched for the topic in the forum, but couldn’t find anything. I just used the link you provided to chat, but no one is available for live chat, and, the automated chat didn’t understand my question. I’ve now sent an email to support. Thank you.

@Cleeflang, I am a homeowner and sitter as well. There is no way, to my knowledge, for the homeowner (to whom I’m applying to sit) to see my home listing, particularly if it’s not currently active. If it does happen to be active, it’s easier to find and you could tell the homeowner that they could search for listings in your location. What I do when I’m applying for a sit is, in my application letter, I send a link to my listing. I think it’s a good way for the homeowner to know me, both as a sitter and a homeowner, like them. And vice versa, when I’m interviewing sitters to sit for me, I’ll send them my sitter profile as a way to get to know me.


Thank you, I’ll start doing the same. And, I’ll find the thread with requested changes and ask that this be included in the profile/listing as is LinkedIn and Air BnB.


This one?

We are also dual members and include a link to our home owner listing in our application for a sit. Just search for your own sit listing and copy & paste the link. Alternatively you can share your listing with yourself via email and that will create the link for you that you can then copy & paste in to your application.

Thanks Crookie, that’s what I’ll be doing from now on. I did make a request that they consider adding link capability on the listing page in the same location as where one can link LInkedIn and AirBnB.

That’s an awesome idea. I usually mention in my application that I’m a pet-owner and sitter, but I like the ability to link my listing as well so they can get to know me.
Thanks for that tip!

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