Can dates be adjusted based on sitter availability?

Hello, new here and have tried searching on my question to no avail… I have a listing for 11 days but I’m thinking that may be too long of a stay for most sitters. I wouldn’t mind breaking it up between 2 sitters or just have one and ask a friend/neighbor to do the rest. I need some advice about 1) whether 11 days is too long 2) adding to the listing that the date can be flexible?

Hello @ilovecheesenuggets and welcome :wave:t3: Please don’t split sits unless essential, most experienced sitters really don’t like them and won’t apply. 11 days is relatively short (2/3 weeks is very common). If you search split sits you’ll find lots of feedback on here. One topic thread to start you off Splitting sit dates
Too many risks and potential issues handing over or passing on pets and homes to another sitter.


11 days is not too short, at all.

To offer flexible dates, you need to put your planned dates as usual and also add a line or two (ideally in the About Me section, as it’s first) to say, for example, “June dates are flexible, we are happy to discuss”. Be aware that sitters who are already commited thru THS to other sits that overlap with yours cannot apply for your dates.


We’re sitters, I wouldn’t split your dates up between sitters, you’ll have less applications if one is taking over from the other, as the ones that start have no idea what condition the ones that follow will leave your house in, and the ones that follow have no idea what condition you left your place in, same as the condition of your pets. But by all means you can ask a friend to sit for part of it, but I’m not sure why you think you would need to.

A lot of our sits are 2 weeks or longer, unless we are simply filling in a gap in our diary. We’re full time sitters as we have a passive income and there are loads like us on here, or sitters that work remotely, so 11 days is nothing.

Add to the profile that you can be a little flexible about your dates.

Hope that helps


@Cuttlefish @HappyDeb @Ketch amazing and thorough advice. Everything said makes sense and I so appreciate your seasoned perspectives! I will try to be patient with the wait.

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Hi, 11 days is actually quite short. I have done one for six weeks, which was nice length of time when needing f;ights to Australia. If travelling any distance whether in the UK or outside I like them to be a nice length. Some advertised are only a weekend, which is not worth the petrol costs. Do not split such a very short sit.

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