Should I split my dates

I’ve received no applications yet for my listed sitting for 7 days in July. I’m surprised as Devon is wonderful in the summer. Would I be more successful in receiving applications if I split the week into 2 sittings?

Hello @davids Welcome to the community forum, you have come to the right place to get help and advice about your listing.

I want to share a couple of topics with similar discussions which might help:

If you add your THS listing to your forum profile then other members of the forum can view it and give you helpful feedback and advice. I can do that for you or here is how:

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Hi @davids and welcome to the forum!

As your sit is only 7 days, I don’t think it would be a good idea to split it. I think you might get less applicants for 3 or 4 days.

If your sit is in July, you still have time. Those sitters who travel full time often book their sits far in advance, but there are other sitters who might not start looking until closer to the time.

As @Carla-Moderator says, if you add your listing to your forum profile, you using the instructions in the link she provided, members can have a look at your listing and share ideas of how to make it as attractive as possible. Or there may be someone here who would like to sit for you! As you say, Devon is wonderful, especially in the summer!


Thanks for your feedback, can you help me please , to add the listing to my profile.

@davids that is all added for you now. If you click on your user name then you will see the link to your THS listing and other members can too :slight_smile:

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Welcome @davids to the forum. Definitely don’t split your dates as a week is far better an attraction in Devon for summer than only a couple of days. Plus having 2 different sitters can cause complications, especially for the first sitter as you will really not know how they left your home to be able to do an accurate review of them.
I would remove the photo of the single bed with the clothes hanging on the rails and just keep the other bed photo if that is the bed for the sitters.
Do you have a photo of your two dogs together in a close up as that could make a very appealing first photo? It would have to be added to your “home” photos to be able to make it your first photo though.
As @Debbie says, you still do have time!


Welcome @davids .
I think most sitters would prefer a week as a minimum. Devon is a lovely area for a holiday .
Could you add some photos of Chudleigh and Dartmoor and the nearest beach ? For those not familiar with the area - it might attract more attention .


Thais for your feedback. A good idea and will look to add photos of the area


Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated and will look at changing photos

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Hi @davids I agree with others- don’t split dates when its only a week. We have done split sits 3 times- but all for longer sits- around a month long. A split sit can work well if all sitters & hosts are on the same page. But it is a risk & probably best done only if really needed- e.g if things go wrong, or missing/broken etc you may not know who is responsible. We have done 2 splits successfully in the past (one time we started a sit, second time we finished the sit)& all went very well. So recently we recommended a host -who had a last minute 4 week sit listed- with no applicants-to split it into 2x2 & we could do the second half. They were very happy with the suggestion but it backfired on us because the first sitter did not clean at all so we had to deep clean on arrival. Not nice… Theres more to the story but not relevant here. But we probably will not do a split sit again.

Re- your photos- I too would suggest you remove the pic of the single bedroom as it looks rather messy and cluttered. If you want to show that room as an extra bed possibility- e.g for a family sit- then it would be good to take a nicer picture!

Also important for us to know would be how long the dogs can be left if we go out.

Good luck finding great sitters! You still have lots of time toll 30th July. We did a whole summer of sits in UK last year and many were last minute bookings. You live in a beautiful lication and your furries all look lovely so don’t panic (yet!) The perfect sitter has not yet seen your listing!! :blush:


Hi whereabouts in Devon are you ? I’m in Iddesleigh

Hi @Lindane8

I’m based in Chudleigh. Not far from you.