Should I split my 3 week sit in Yorkshire because it is Very Soon?

I have advertised a sit with my rescue dog which starts in 2 weeks time and I am concerned that a 3 week sit, starting so soon, will be too short notice.

I am tempted to split it into 2 or more, short sits, one after the other but I am not sure if that will make it more or less appealing??

Do people think that it will make it look like I don’t trust people, so I don’t want them to stay long? or give off some other negative impression? I want people to feel that they can come and feel welcome to settle in, but I’m concerned that I am expecting too much, too close to the date of the sit.

I do want to make a good impression, as my home is in a lovely place and my dog Skipper is brilliant company!

All help appreciated!

This is a link to my listing if you think there is anything else that I could also improve please?!


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oof! that’s a tough one…

3 weeks is a long period (def post for a sit like that months ahead of time in future) for short notice especially if you’re not in a hot spot, but yea, maybe try shorter and then let people know that a longer stay is on offer?

Given it is such a short time period, you could try for shorter stays and then make it clear in your Welcome section at the very top of your profile that the only reason you’ve broken it up is that you’re open to coverage for even sections if that works better for people’s schedules but you’re flexible and willing to work with them on this…

Hope this helps but ultimately do what you think makes sense! X

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So if you do break up the sit and have 2 sitters, are you coming back in between to check the house and pet before the second one starts? Or would the second sitter take over from the first? What if there are issues and each sitter is blaming each other? Personally I would not want to handover from other sitter.


Hi @ClaireUK.

Thanks for posting the link to your sit. Hopefully others will give feedback on how it can be improved. I looked only briefly and didn’t notice any red flags. Also, your first pic is nice and I think perfectly fine, but I also wanted to say this one is incredible:


Though if that were your first pic, people might think you have a horse. Anyway … so cute! Ditto for the pic with the crowns. =)

I think @bakindoki’s advice is fine. But you could also just keep it at 3 weeks and put a note at the top that your dates are flexible, like doing part of the sit. If you’re lucky, you can piece together coverage. Then you could repost your sit according to those custom dates (e.g., one person doing 10 days, a neighbor covering 2 days, and another sitter doing the rest). You’ll want to communicate well with everyone, of course.

Also, for getting more views, you can ask @Angela_L if she can post on the TH social media sites. You want your listing to be as good as it can be first, but otherwise you just have to give her permission. (You can tag her here, or PM her.)

@Samox24: What do you think of that crown pic? Do you have a similar one of you and your hubby? :person_with_crown:


Hello @ClaireUK & welcome. It isn’t much notice but it is a lovely looking sit is the good news. Personally I wouldn’t split it because of the risks of handovers and two different sitters and a rescue dog & very young kitten in the mix. I love thé photo of Skipper on the beach as it’s lighter than the current cover one and would pull me in a bit more. @geoff.hom’s choice is also amazing but yes, they may think a horse is part of the deal. Is there any chance you could lend the sitters your car? That would save costs and appeal to more international sitters who may well be ideal for three weeks. If not, you need to add the sitters need a car tab to the listing as that will help with filters. Could you take a family as you mention multi bedrooms? If yes then definitely add the family friendly tab too and some pics of the other bedrooms. How long can Skipper be left alone would be good info. Other than that it honestly looks like a really nice sit & if we sat in the UK we’d happily do it. Beautiful part of the world & you can walk to a real pub (a heavenly thought when you’re in Asia :joy:) Best of luck :raised_hands:t3:


Hi @ClaireUK

I would leave it as one sit as that is always by far the better option,
but add in your description " May split into two shorter sits if I can’t get one sitter to do the whole stretch" - then see what applicants you get

Good Luck!


The idea of splitting a sit has been discussed a lot before on the forum. If you put ‘split sit’ in the search field you’ll find lots of posts. Here’s one:

Thnk you all so much for coming back with helpful comments.

I have added use of a car to it (thanks @Cuttlefish ) and I did swap the main photo but not to the one of the horse ( @geoff.hom - just in case) but to one of the house. Someone else commented that the picture of Skip and Binx on the sofa could be from any dark flat anywhere, which I do understand also.

I havent mentioned about a family because, particularly if it did end up being a split, I think it would bombard Skipper with too many people which is unfair. Plus, Binx is only little and if a child got scratched while playing or anything, I wouldnt want it to end in tears!

@IHeartAnimals I do understand and agree with what you say about people handing over to others. I will be in the US so cant oversee between sitters. I am not sure though that I may have any other choice though.

Fingers crossed that there is still time. @geoff.hom thank you also for the information about @Angela_L I will contact her now.

I’m so pleased that I have used the forum! Thank you all.


Brilliant work! The cover photo idea is fab - three for one value :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: Hope someone wonderful comes along soon @ClaireUK

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Hi @ClaireUK your listing is live on our Facebook Page …


Hi @ClaireUK, although a great idea to combine the 3 photos in one for your cover photo, when looking at it on the app, the top photo of your home is basically cut off!

I’ve just checked out the listing on the website and get a full pic of the house. Did you look on the app?

I see you have one applicant, so hopefully that will work out for the whole time.
I love your listing & have saved it for the future


It was the app I took the screenshot of @Smiley


Thank you @Smiley . Yes, I’m so pleased. Thanks to everyone’s help we now have 2 people who have applied!


Thank you for the heads up @temba . I hadnt looked at the app!

Thank you ever so much Angela!


We can see you now have two applicants @ClaireUK - hope it all works out beautifully! :raised_hands:t3:

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