Splitting a sit to find someone

I haven’t found anyone for my Christmas/New Year dates yet. I had someone contact me for part of it, including Christmas. I’m debating splitting the dates into two separate sit, one including Christmas, one New Years’ Eve. I’m thinking it might make it easier to find sitters. But I don’t love the idea of not being here between the two sitters, to check on the house and make sure everything is still in order.

Has anyone tried that?

I’m sure someone will weigh in on the practicalities. I think you need to have someone do the “turnover,” like a friend, plus a cleaner to get the place tip-top for #2.

The main risk as I’d see it from the sitter side is that people see their homes and belongings in a different light when they return after a long trip. I’d be concerned as either the 1st or 2nd sitter that I’d be accused of something (lack of cleaning, even theft).

I think this can work, but I’ve heard a lot of pretty bad stories so I would only do it as a last resort. It is probably less of a big deal for a short sit but I’ve heard some pretty hair raising stuff from 2nd sitters on long sits.

ETA: in another thread, admin mentioned that they can help promote your listing on their social media. You may want to contact them about that option.

Hi there,
I am a sitter and not an owner, however I have been on a sit where the owners split it. I did the first half and another sitter came after me. It was my first sit actually so I was a little nervous about not turning the house back over to the owner also. I asked the owners to have a trusted family member or friend, that knew their home and kitty, meet me and look at things before I left. They did and everything went wonderfully. I heard from them after they got back and all was well from their side too.


Hi Tamara, welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. Thank you for sharing your sit experience and it sounds as though you managed the split sit like a true pet and house sitting “veteran”

We look forward to sharing in more of your TrustedHousesitters experiences … enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Slightly different scenario. I started a sit on Monday. Due to Covid restrictions in Asia, the Home and pet owner has been absent for several months, with friends and workmates looking after her home and pets.
One of the dogs is great, very friendly, the younger one is very nervous, and I think it is the constant change of “sitter” that has made her that way. I am here for 5 weeks and hope to gain her confidence in that time, but I know I will be handing over to another sitter. Hopefully, she will be ok.

Are your pets ok with other people? I know you are only talking about 2 short periods of time, but it is worth thinking about.


Ok, I’ll look for it. Is that on the Christmas thread?

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Not sure how to edit this thread, but I am looking for Dec 20-January 4.

I didn’t include my car. I’m a bit nervous to do so. But I would consider it.

Hi, it wa on this thread: When do I panic about getting a sitter? - #41 by NOmtnClowns

Hi @mountaingen your kitty is adorable and I’ve looked at your sit which looks like a wonderful opportunity it includes Christmas and New Year which is always a bonus for sitters, including you car for qualified drivers is always a benefit which is greatly appreciated.

There is still time to find your sitters, we do know that the sooner the better is always preferable for peace of mind, however this year is different as there is still an air of uncertainty for many around travel and a “wait and see” position.

We can share on Social which will give your listing more exposure … let me know if this is something you would like …

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Where are you located?

Hi Angela @Angela-CommunityManager
I just added my car. It’s making me a bit nervous but if it’s going to help, I’m willing to consider it.
You are welcome to share on social media!


@long1016 I’m on the North coast of California, about 2 hours south of Oregon, and 5 hours north of the Bay area. Land of the tallest trees in the world! :grinning:


We are considering a 1 week sit, but the HO has broken a month long sit into weekly segments so if selected we will handing over the house to another sitter. Have you had experience with that? How will the home owner reviews us if they won’t be able to see the house? A few months ago we had a similar situation but we successfully convinced the HO to allow us to do the whole 5 weeks and that worked out great for both parties.


I don’t think I could do that sit personally!
Imagine being the first of four sitters, anything can go wrong in the following three sits and the finger of blame can easily land on any sitter.

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That was our concert exactly, as we will be the 1st sitters. The location, dates and pets check all the boxes, just not sure about someone else taking over after us.

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That’s a shame if everything else is desirable but for me I’d be too anxious to do that.
I guess you have to decide if the risk is worth it for that one week.

I suppose you could video/photograph the home on the day you leave as some kind of safety net.


We would also make pictures of everything or make videos of the property and animals. It happened only once that we handed the sit over to somebody else (“friends” of the HO). When the HO came back everything was dirty and the plants had died. The cat was apparently fine, but I also wonder if they followed all the routines with her (she was very peculiar about drinking and it was very hot weather). The HO asked us in which state we left the place one month earlier (spotless, of course). But it would have been better to also do a virtual handover, perhaps a long video tour through the property and garden. PS: We didn’t get a review (I think it’s the only sit where we don’t have one, if you don’t count repeat sits).

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We did this once and it turned out fine. We were the first set of sitters. We wrote a handover document for the next sitters & had it double-checked by the owners.

We also made a little video of how we left everything & sent it to the owners.

We did a little tour with the next sitters and that’s it.

We obviously prefer to hand the animals over to their owners, but as long as you make clear arrangements, I wouldn’t necessary exclude a sit because of it.

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Can anyone enlighten me as to why a homeowner would do this? I find one week for myself as well as for a sitter already quite stressful with all the washing sheets and cleaning everything thoroughly.
Of course our home is usually cleaned once a week, but I do some extra thorough cleaning before a sitter arrives. Do they expect the sitters to do this also? How is the last one to know how the home looked like originally?