Can I message a HO where I would like to sit?

Shame there isn’t such a system. It would be great to hear from motivated sitters. I wish I could help out.


It would be great to have that possibility. It makes all the difference if the sitter really wants to be in your area.

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Liz, yes makes good sense, thank you so much for the clever strategies!

This issue is along the lines of a post to the forum that I made a few months ago. My proposal is for THS to have a new category for housesitters to create an ad advising when they will be in a particular country and for what period. When you are coming all the way from downunder to Europe you need to do a lot or preplanning and such a service would be a great assistance to planning your travels


@Kelownagurl we have had exactly the same thing happen. A Homeowner set up a “fake sit” in order to be able to message us on the THS site to discuss the possibility of us sitting for them at some point in the future. We had not previously corresponded on the THS website. It was a clever way of being able to make contact with a sitter without yet having firm holiday dates.

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