Can you sign up as both homeowner & sitter?

Hello! I’ve just started exploring THS and am considering signing up. An ignorant question: can one sign up as both a homeowner and a sitter? I’m primarily looking for sitters for our cats, but I also like to travel and look after other people’s pets. Also, would ours be a popular ‘sit’: we have a 4-bedroom rowhouse in Sweden near a small nature reserve and a lake, but also a bus ride from central Stockholm (the garden is very small, but we do have deer visiting and kayaks in the garage!). And we have 3 gentle cats.
Thanks in advance for any input!

Yes, you can be a sitter and a Homeowner. I do both.


Yes, I’ve done that. It’s called a ‘Combined Membership’ Combined memberships all you need to know |


Hello @tamlify and welcome.
Feel free to post in the forum and you will also find very detailed discussions of all sorts of topics using the search feature with key words.

We are a combined membership. Our listing and profile are linked to our forum profile if you want to check them out.

Good luck.


Hi @tamlify as others have said, you can be both a homeowner and a sitter as a “Combined Member”.

I think your 3 gentle cats sound lovely, and your home and location sound great. We would love to sit near a nature reserve and lake with visiting deer. I think your sit would also be attractive as there is public transport into central Stockholm.

If you create a great listing with plenty of photos of your home and all the areas the sitter would use, I am sure you will get lots of interest. When you have created your listing, you can link it to your forum profile so we can add it to our favourites!