Having a pet

Hello! Im wanting to join THS’s My only concern is I have a very well behaved 20 lb 8 year old terrier … I feel that might be a huge drawback for having people want my services? Thoughts and experiences?

Welcome @Tracy111 do you want to join as a homeowner or as a sitter or both ?

Assuming you want to join as a sitter, taking pets with you on a sit, is entirely up to the home owner, some don’t mind you bringing your own pets, others do.

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Hi @Tracy111 - the question has been discussed previously and you may find this link useful.


A sitter :smiling_face:

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@Tracy111 You can read about the experiences of other sitters who travel with their pets on these threads

Now with the holidays, there is a great shortage of available sitters, so this would be the best time to get a first review.

Hi @Tracy111 you might want to read the attached link from the help centre. Just remember if you would like to bring your pet on a sit, you must express this in your application to the sit. I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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My quoted still reflects my experience.

I’m mainly sitting on the west coast, Seattle, these days as I’m in the process of buying a house here. So am checking out various neighborhoods.

But have various other sits DC, Edmonton, Boston, KC booked as well. Booked mostly into May.

Right now you would have the crème de le crème of picks for the holidays so it is a good time to get your first. Make sure it’s one you want and not the very first that offers you!

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