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Hi, my name is Jamie and I’m a touring musician who travels with my maultipoo, moxie. I often find house sitting opps when I travel and I found this site which seems like a win-win for me and someone looking for a pet-sitter. Before joining, I wanted to find out if any sitters travel with their own pet as well, or if that isn’t normal / accepted on this platform. I wouldn’t want to join if that were the case as Moxie goes everywhere with me. Thanks for the input!


Hi Jamie
This question has been asked before a lot of times but I’ve done a search and can’t find the links.
It isn’t impossible to housesit with your own pet in tow but it will certainly limit the possibilities.

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Hi @jamiethedrake

THS doesn"t stop you taking your own pet but it will definitely restrict the sits you may decide to apply for or be succesful in getting.

I travel with 2 Labradors and apply for sits where I think they will be a fit with the HO’s pets. I like doing multi pet sits or small holding type homes and dog sits.

I wouldn’t apply for just cat sits as it’s not normally a good match to introduce unknown dogs to a cat that isn’t used to them in the house. I’ve stayed with friends where this has been the case and then I sleep with the dogs in the campervan so the cats have their space.

You will possibly find your applications are considered more than mine would be as you only have the one small dog. I’m presuming Mauxipoos are small/medium size?

You have to be completely upfront on your site biography/info that you will be bringing your own dog with you. But the HO’s pets will be your priority for care as that’s why they want someone to be there for their pets.

Hope this helps your decision, I love the ethos of THS and hope you join and find some great sits.

If you know a friend already on THS then get them to refer you and you both get a discount.

Good luck


Hope these two topics help:


Well done for finding the links


I always ask if there is only one dog, more or less same weight. Mine is not a big breed …
I suggest to show up with my dog if it’s not too far away (up to 2 hours drive), so that means local sits.

But to tell the truth i only managed 3 times. In 4 years, because i don’t plan to go abroad with him if i need to fly, also afraid they would put him in quarantaine for any reason (although vaccinated anti rabbies) or because they are hens ( he loves to chase, i saw that at a friend’s, i can’t take the risk( or cats who may be scared by him)

Also some owners forbide their own dogs to sleep in their room or climb on sofas if your dog does that you must be honest and of course you will be rejected.
Your routine is pribably different from the owner’s who can be afraid of hair, conflicts, smell or jealousy between the pets.

Yes it makes things much harder to take your dog with you but you can be double hatted, sitting and “hiring” sitters when you go away.
The new problem is matching dates…

Thanks everyone for this super helpful feedback! I’ll take all of this into consideration. :slight_smile:

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