Bringing our own pet - is there a filter for this?

I am new to THS and am currently just signed up as a HO but would be interested in sitting for others. If I did that, I would need to bring my dogs. I am not seeing a way to filter the sits available by who is open to sitters bringing their pets. Is there a way to do this as opposed to having to write to each HO?


There has been a lot of discussion on this previously. I don’t think there is a filter. Lots of pet owners don’t accept bringing other pets into their home due to the worry about how their own pets would react. A few might, but you would need to ask in your application. A better option would be to join as both, then you can go and sit while someone else sits your own pets.

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Hi @Aztoma, here’s one of the threads:

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Thanks @Chrissy , I would definitely include information about that in my application. I also understand that would be a smaller subset of HO willing to allow sitters pets.

I am in CO and, at a glance am seeing a lot of shorter term sits I would be interested in. I would rather just bring my dog for a long weekend as opposed to leave them home and a filter for this would help to determine who is open to that.

I can check with each HO if I decide to upgrade my membership to try this. It just seemed like an easy filter feature to have or to add.
I put my I inquiry in this section incase it could be considered in a future site update.

As a new THS member, I am finding everything about the site helpful & good interactions with applicants. I am looking forward to a couple worry free trips this summer.

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Dogs? Several dogs?
I think you are on the wrong side here, this is way too stressful. Imagine it doesn’t work and the owner is far away.
The only possibility I can imagine is that the sit takes place in the same location and you and your dogs can get to know the pets of the HO beforehand, but I would never accept something like that, it’s far too stressful.

@Coclico thank you for your thoughts.

Just to be clear, my post was asking if there is a way to filter for ‘sitter pet allowed’.
As a HO, that is one of the questions I had to answer in my profile.
I know and understand it is not an option for a lot of pet owners, but for some it is. It would be easier to connect if there was a filter.

I don’t plan on taking my dogs if I sign up as a sitter and travel out of state. I just happened to see a lot of available short sits with in my state, Colorado, with 1-2 dogs that seemed fun and would be a nice option. Verifying and through communication with HO to see if it would be a good fit for dogs & people would be a must.

If something like that stresses you out, it is not for you, other people like myself wouldn’t mind a friendly companion to visit with my dogs.

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Not currently an option as others mentioned but hoping for it to come in the future since THS already has the functionality in place (family friendly sits).

Also, welcome from another full-time sitter in Colorado who travels with their dog! It’s certainly a bit more difficult but viable, especially in CO. I highly recommend applying for several local sits in which you suggest to have a meet & greet for the dogs before the sit begins. Once you get a few reviews it makes other HOs more comfortable to the idea of welcoming your pets, even if they never thought of hosting others before. And add lots of pictures of your groups playing or on hikes!

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There is no filter for this. It’s a very small use case at present so I doubt that this type of setting would get prioritised very high on the TH backlog.

Your best bet is for a short trip nearby, have a friend or family stay with your dogs. Also be aware that with multiple dogs, you are very unlikely to find ppl that are willing to have them. The liability would just be too high and not worth the socialisation time in the case of a short sit. That doesn’t mean you won’t but that’s, again, not what the site is built for. But who knows? You may find an HO close to you looking to build a relationship with a local HS and they may be down for this set up as it would be worth it to them to let the dogs build a relationship…but again…not the primary use case for the site especially since you’re under no obligation to ever go back again.

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