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HELP. We go away next weekend but cannot get to speak to anyone at THS. Chat keeps saying email will be sent.
Our sitter has just informed us they are bring children which we do not allow and explicitly agreed when we confirmed.
Need to cancel & relist but cannot speak to anyone and time is running out

@tudorcottage so sorry to hear this. You just need to cancel the sitter yourself from your end then relist. You don’t need to speak to THS. Good luck.

Welcome @tudorcottage .
Sorry that you have come to the forum because sitters have let you down last minute.

You can send an e-mail to
with screenshots showing the messages from your sitter stating they will be bringing children. This will show the reason why you are cancelling the sitter and that it is not your fault.

You can then cancel the sitter yourself from your dashboard.

You can also add a link to your listing in the last-minute sit section of this forum .

I hope you find a reliable sitter. If not and you are a Premium member you may be covered by the sit cancellation guarantee .

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Hello @tudorcottage just want to highlight this point from @Silversitters.

Review THS’s website or any documentation you have to see if there’s an emergency contact number you can try.