Oh gotcha. I’ve never heard of that, nor would I do it.

Lol. We had hoped that, if we ever got to Brighton, we’d be able to visit, too. But when we were there in May we just assumed that everyone would still be working remotely (and from afar) and didn’t even look up where the office was.


@lifephasenext TrustedHousesitters has (like many companies) gone remote first. We do maintain a satellite office in Brighton but it isn’t the hub for the entire team as in pre-pandemic times. Remote first provides more flexibility and opportunity to have a truly global team, just like our global community.


So we’ve applied for 8 sits that start any time from the 9th-12th. Two have since cancelled their dates, one found someone already, one is waiting for a sitter to confirm, and the other 4 have not read their messages. That’s the part that surprises me the most to be honest. They want a sitter within the next 2-5 days and they aren’t checking their messages? Hmmm…

ETA: And that worked. Someone just contacted us. Fingers crossed.


It wasn’t quite such short notice, but I had a 3 week sit in Portland for Aug/Sept cancel about 10 weeks out. The HOs were experiencing long covid and couldn’t get intl travel insurance because of the long covid combined with their age.
I got very lucky and filled all but the last 2 nights with a sit in Putney, easy commuting to London. Kind of making lemonade for me.


So we managed get a 4 day sit in West Sussex and only have to book a B&B for two nights of the six we lost. And luckily we are premium members so we will eventually get a bit of cash back for the B&B as well. We are happy.


love your attitude and pleased to read that you have managed to find a sit to fill in most of your day. Would you mind sharing why the original HOs cancelled, if you know?

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I guess they’d call it a “family emergency” (without going into details)

thanks - wondered as I’ve been noticing a lot of cancellations recently

Great news

CANCELLED or put another way (the optimistic way) …

“When one door closes hopefully another one opens”



We have encountered this as well, often there will be a HO in exactly the same situation as you. During the first lockdown our hosts came back after just one night and we had just one evening to find a sit. Luckily there was exactly one HO in the whole area that needed us already the next day! It helps to be on multiple platforms. We also found an animal sanctuary where we can stay last-minute if we get cancellations (we work there for free for accommodation).


A couple of years ago our house sit in Ireland got canceled the week before our flight from Seattle to Dublin. I had to scurry to find another option before moving onto our next sit in France, we still had to fly via Dublin, where we spent two nights. Ireland doesn’t come up that often on here especially back then. Fortunately we found a great opportunity in the Scottish Highlands. Next year we will try for Ireland again, which keeps falling through the cracks for us.