Car contract/language of agreement when including a car

Not new to TrustedHousesitters but the first time I’ve included my car in the deal. Unfortunately, damage occurred and I contacted TH about the Contents/Damage reimbursement and cars are apparently not included. I do want to include my car again as I feel it makes our sit that much more attractive but not if minor damage will cost me out of pocket. Yes, my car insurance covers this damage but it will also result in a skyrocket increase in my premium.

Does anybody have a “car contract” they can share? I have been doing home exchanging for years and we often use a “Letter of Confirmation” to confirm all the things we have agreed to, how to handle minor damage, etc. I assume the same exists within this community related to cars…which I guess you are on your own about.

Would love to hear others experience with a car agreement, how you handled any damage, gas, etc. Thanks in advance!

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