Car vs No Car preference for sitters in the South of Spain

Question to sitters (I am a pet parent of 2 cats living on the Costa del Sol, Spain):
I’m currently living in a remote location where sitters would need a car (there is no public transport or groceries within walking distance). However, it’s a great place with a pool, and space.
I’m thinking of moving into town, where everything, including a beach, would be within walking distance, but there’s no parking.
Which option would be most attractive to pet sitters? What option would give me the most options to find sitters? I’m asking because this will be an important consideration in whether or not I move, as I plan to be away a lot. Thank you!

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I guess it depends on whether you offer your car in the remote location or does the sitter have to rent one?

To attract sitters from overseas, another consideration is how near is it to the airport ?
How easy / expensive will it be for sitters to get to sit in the town location from the airport via public transport?

@catsinspain I would prefer in the city , being able to use public transportation and walk. I can get to Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport easily . If I can use public transportation to get to and from the airport I’d rather not have a car. But many sitters will probably like the remote location.
Ann Marie

I would prefer the city, as renting a car can work out very expensive sometimes. Don’t really like driving in a foreign country, different rules etc. I much prefer to be on a bus route.

I have two sits in Spain coming up. One is in central Madrid so a car would be a hindrance. The other is in a smaller town near Alicante and a car is necessary where I’m going so am renting a car for that time period. I’d rather not have the expense of the car but I wanted the sit so am ok with it. Oh, I still have an opening from July 15-28 to fill…just saying. :wink:

Hi @catsinspain! A warm welcome to the forum!

I will also weigh in. I would prefer the location where no car was necessary. Renting a car is costly and driving in a foreign country, especially one where I don’t speak the language, would not be my preference.

Do add your listing to your forum profile when you’re ready. It sounds like a lovely sit.
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No, I would not be able to offer a car. Thanks for the question, as I didn’t know some people offer that option.

Welcome @catsinspain!

While I’m sure you would be able to find sitters for the place needing a car, the number of available sitters would increase substantially if the sitter didn’t need a car.
As full-time traveling sitters, unless a car is provided, I skip over sits that require a car as it is cost prohibitive to hire one.

Dan and Nan

I vote for in town. Would be great if that is a place with a train station, or easy bus access to a train station.



I understand if you can’t offer a car. We’ve had a mixed bag of car offers. Only 1 of our sits last year in Europe offered the use of a car but all 4 offered here in New Zealand. Our sits back in Europe for the rest of the year are a mix. 4 sits we will have use of their car and 2 we won’t.

Dan and Nan

I’m Team Town

Good point. Driving in Spain is a unique experience.

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I think you would have an easier time filling your sits when you’re in a town/city. It won’t be impossible to fill sits in the countryside, but it might take longer to find sitters, so you have to be well organised and have backup plans as well. Okay, you also need backup plans in a city, but it would be easier to arrange neighbours or paid services in a city than in the country.

In Spain we would always prefer to have use of a vehicle for exploring- unless we were just doing a quick fly in fly out city sit! If we were flying in and would need to rent a car it would depend on the rental costs for that period. E.g we got a one month rental in Malaga (in 2020) for €30!!!- i.e €1 a day!! But it varies so much. Right now we are driving our own car and are in the middle of a series of sits in France- at the moment- and in Spain from June to September. All the sits are rural and require a car. Since there are so few sits in Spain (compared to the abundance in UK)and usually a lot of competition, I think you would have no problem finding sitters in either location. There are those who’d fly in especially, and those already on the road, like us with perhaps more flexibility!
As @botvot says organisation and back up plans are key.
Good luck!

Hi @catsinspain. On the face of it the in town sit would work better as renting a car especially on the costa del sol can really add to the sitters costs. Of course maybe there’s a way for a sitter to arrive early to get groceries or maybe you offer to stock up with groceries?

Here’s another vote for the in town location. It would solve a lot of problems for the sitter, primarily, the day-to-day transportation needs, as well as the two & from the airport

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Here’s another vote for in town.

Hi @catsinspain

We also live in southern Spain, in Almeria province. When we started using THS we lived in a remote area inland, in a big house with a pool, where a car was absolutely essential. We always had plenty of applications and always found lovely sitters, they tended to be older couples who either already lived in Spain or were travelling in Europe so they had their own transport with them.

We have since moved to a beach town to a smaller property but with public transport links and the beach/shops/restaurants are all in walking distance. We still receive plenty of interest, but mainly now from younger people travelling through on public transport.

I think you should live where suits you best, if my experience is anything to go by you will not be short of sitters to choose from in either location.

Oh and we house sit as a couple too in mainland Spain, and the remote villas are appealing to us as a change from living in a town :slight_smile:


That’s excellent info and feedback, thank you for taking the time to share your experience from both sided - appreciate it.