Carbon Monoxide detectors

This may have been discussed, but I’m wondering if any sitter travels with their own portable, plug in carbon monoxide detector. Even if a home has one, you may not know if the batteries are up to date, where it’s located, what it sounds like, etc. I may now start traveling with one because…I just returned last night from a very lovely sit and the homeowner just now texted me that the chimney in the building (3 story townhouse turned into a 3 apartment dwelling) collapsed and CO2 backed up into their portion of the building. They had just installed a carbon monoxide detector the week before so the owners and dog were able to get out unharmed, thank goodness. I feel very bad for the homeowners, but I’m so glad it didn’t happen 12 hours earlier when I would have been there, not knowing what to do or where to go. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this, or a recommendation of a type of carbon monoxide detector to buy.


Hi @sledgejoyce. I know a fair number of travelers, not just sitters, who take a carbon monoxide detector with them when they travel.


No I don’t but what a lucky escape you had!

I’ve been traveling with one that is battery operated for the past few years. I started taking one when I was staying at a lot of Airbnbs and some did not have carbon monoxide detectors. Now I just always take it with me.

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Gosh @sledgejoyce … what a thing to have happened! So pleased the owner and dog were safe and fine. I have never thought about this, and it certainly gives me food for thought.